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Exercise 1: Choose the best questions from the box.

Which question is the easiest?
What is your favourite colour?
Who will be going to Macao?
When can we get the train tickets?
Whose book is this?
How many pupils are in the class?
Where did you go yesterday? |

E.g. Where did you go yesterday? | I went to the cinema. | | 1. | Question 3 is the easiest. | 2. | This is my book. | 3. | My mother and I. | 4. | Thirty-two. | 5. | They will be ready on Friday. | 6. | Green. |

Exercise 2: Answer the questions in complete sentences.

E.g. Have they brushed the teeth? | Yes, they have brushed the teeth. | | 1. Has he finished his homework? | No, | 2. Has he watered the plants? | Yes, | 3. Have you drawn the picture? | No, | 4. Have you cleaned the floor? | Yes, | 5. Has she closed the door? | Yes, | 6. Has she cooked the dinner? | Yes, |

Exercise 3: Answer the questions using ‘ever’ or ‘never’.

E.g. Has Josephine ever drunk wine? | No, she has never drunk wine. | | 1. Have you ever eaten beef? | No, | 2. Has Mimi ever killed an insect? | No, | 3. Has he ever drunk coffee? | Yes, | 4. Have you ever been to a theatre? | Yes, | 5. Has Yoyo ever been to a zoo? | No, | 6. Have you ever played ping-pong? | Yes, |

Exercise 4: Martin has received a letter from his mother. Fill in the blanks using the correct tense of the given verbs.

Dear Martin,
How are you? I have got some good news for you. Your sister is getting married this summer. Uncle Paul and Aunt Mary will __________ (come) to attend the wedding ceremony. I __________ (be) sure you __________ (be) happy seeing them.
Your sister is __________ (shop) for the wedding dress. Father is __________ (help) with the reception arrangements, and Granny is __________ (knit) a scarf for your sister. Everybody here __________ (be) so happy about…...

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