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This Is a County Library with 15 Locations; 400 Employees; Approximately 50,000 Patrons; and over 500,000 Books, Magazines, Videos, and Cds

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Organization C: This is a county library with 15 locations; 400 employees; approximately 50,000 patrons; and over 500,000 books, magazines, videos, and CDs. I am writing you to inform you of your most viable option for getting your 15 sites up and running with the computer hardware. The information I discuss below will be technically and economically feasible for your current situation. With the information provide I am going to choose two types of computers for your organization. One of which is the all in one desktop pc and the other being a handheld computer or tablet. First let me get into the reasoning behind choosing all in one desktop pc for your locations. The all in one desktop pc is such a solid choice for your library locations. They are great for setting up computer stations for patrons, as well as stations for the librarians themselves. They get rid of the mess and hassle of wires to and from tower and monitor. They are almost as easy as taking out of the box and plugging in. They provide all this while still maintaining optimal performance. Secondly I would like to discuss the use and purpose of the tablet pc as your second option for your locations. One of the major reasons behind this is the flexibility and freedom a librarian can have with a tablet at their disposal. If a patron needs assistance with any of the media you provide at your locations they will have access at their fingertips. Tablets have come a long way when it comes to storage and functionality. I would like to give you some system specs and a short review of the two models I have chosen for your organization. These specs should be suitable for your current needs as well as keeping an economically feasible approach to it all. As well as maintaining performance and functionality that is needed for your patrons and employees. The AZC-605-UR21 all in one…...

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