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Things to Know Doing Business in Us

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Reason for choosing United States of America The United States is home to one of the world most complex and competitive economy. As one of the largest and richest consumer markets the chances are high there is a market for your product or service in the US. From the below, the table list shows economy overview of United States. | | | | | | | |

Region – OECD high income | Doing business 2013 rank 4 | Doing business 2013 rank4 | Changes in rank0 | Income Category- High income | | | | Population- 311,591,917 | | | | | | |
Doing business 2013 DTF**(% Points) 84.3 | Doing business 2012 DFT**(% Points) 85.0 | Improvement in DFT**(%Points)-0.7 | GNI Per Capita(US$) -48,450 | | | |

Business cultural of United States of America * Value and Attitudes * Values American business culture is also characterized by a heavy emphasis on individual initiative, independent, entrepreneurship and achievement. Personal competence, professionalism and accountability for individual performance are highly valued. They value equality, fairness and privacy. * Attitudes Americans expect you to be positive about yourself, your products, and your capabilities. Americans expect all business interactions to be polite and professional. Arrive on time for meetings since time and punctuality are so important to Americans. People are extremely punctual and view it as a sign of disrespect for someone to be late for a meeting or appointment. Time is money in USA. Americans ascribe personality characteristics and values based on how people use time. * Manners and Customs * Manners In business situations, shaking hands is the ubiquitous and accepted way of greeting others. We should always stand up when greeting someone. Be prepared to participate in small talk…...

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