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The View of Life

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Anya Johnson

711 E 140 st Bronx Ny 10454

Phone (347) 531-9297

(347) 251-6252

Objective To become a home health aide

Skills and Abilities

Self directed with the capability to work with little or no direct supervision, Comprehensive knowledge of taking proper measures for patient safety and comfort, Patience and excellent personal hygiene
, Able to give detailed and accurate written reports to agency, Ability to read and follow written instructions and care documents, Hands-on experience in submission of clinical records, visit notes and every day time summaries, Excellent patient care skills, Professional appearance and ability to comply with agency dress code
, Proven ability to communicate clinical information in an accurate and friendly way
, Excellent customer service skills
, Ability to communicate well with others, Good organization and communication skills
, Excellent verbal and written communication skills, Computer: Skilled in MS Office Suite

Cashier/Floor Worker

Aeropostale (Prime Outlets)

Williamsburg VA

05/12 – 12/12

Cashing out customers

Assisted them with the sales


Assisted with unloading the truck

Helped count inventory

Cashier/Customer service

Big Lots

Williamsburg VA

02/11 – 10/11

Cashing out customers

Making sure everything was neat and in order

Assisting customers with sales

Various Job Assignments

A.C.T (Achieving Careers Today) Program

Williamsburg VA

10/08 – 11/10

Office Assistant with James City County Human Services

Prepared enrollment packets for the head start students

Answered phones

Assisted the teachers with classroom activities

Cleaned offices

Bev Cares Home Care 07/05-09/09

Supervisor Beverly Deramus

Gloria Slade Mrs. Tobin Mr. Mc Graw

Provided help to administer…...

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