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The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age Brenda Steen Strayer University Leg/500 December 19, 2012 Professor: Dr. Pino the Following Assignment Contains Information Regarding Individual

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The following assignment contains information regarding individual privacy in this age of information technology. On today’s vast information superhighway, private information can be found on most individuals within a couple of clicks of a computer mouse. This assignment will describe a minimum of three technologies that allow people to research the private information of citizens. This report provides and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of having this information made public. Additionally, this report includes options individuals have to protect their private information. Last, this report discusses the existence and effectiveness of electronic privacy laws enacted to protect private information. Google is probably the most used search engine on the internet. It is usually the first step used to research private information. Google collects all available private information and conveniently places it at a researcher’s fingertips. Such information as address, telephone numbers, pictures and work history is available on Google. Facebook is another popular website people use to obtain private information. Researchers can gain information such as posted pictures, family/friend information, and place of employment. Researchers can also find out recreational information such as local establishments a person frequents or when he or she is on vacation. Many states use have county property tax websites. A researcher can simply type in a person’s name and find out information regarding private property such as real estate and vehicle information. Many county tax websites post information such as a person’s address, purchase price of the home, annual property tax, and property valuation. There are some advantages to having public information readily accessible. One advantage is ability of long lost friends and family members having the…...

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