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The Underground Wonders

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The Underground Wonders

Why go caving ? Hidden in the depths of the earth you might find one of those beautiful

creations of nature, "The caves.” Long ago, our ancestors were using caves as shelter from wild

animals and the forces of nature. Throughout history, the underground architecture, and

their make-up, have been explored and documented by cavers, because they can reveal

details of past climatic conditions in the structures formed in a cave by the deposition of

minerals from water called speleothem, and the origins of life. The caving connects us to

the stunning scenery of underground world an it's an amazing experience as well. Can be

a strenuous sport, a casual hobby, a means to conducting scientific research, or all of these and


Caves are found around the world and in a variety of settings, from cold alpine

environments to warm tropical rain forests, and are formed through a variety of natural

processes, also they are a unique challenge to scientific.

The studies of caves and karst systems are important for two major reasons. First, the

overwhelming majority of freshwater resources is groundwater. About 25% of the groundwater

is located in cave and karst regions. The protection and management of these vital water

resources are critical to public health and to sustainable economic development. As identified by

the National Geographic Society, water resources are a critical concern as society enters the

twenty-first century.

Second, caves are storehouses of information on natural resources, human history and evolution.

Therefore, many avenues of research can be pursued in caves. Recent studies indicated that caves

contain valuable data that are relevant to global climate change, waste disposal, groundwater

supply and contamination, petroleum recovery, and biomedical investigations. Also contain data

that are pertinent to anthropologic, archaeologic, geologic, paleontologic, and mineralogic

discoveries and resources.

Caves have always been known as repositories of archeological material. Some of the oldest

evidence about the activities of human ancestors came from caves. Without proper

documentation and research of these hidden cultural remains in deep or shallow caves, valuables

and important segments of the human history would be lost for all time. For example

In the caves of Arizona's Grand Canyon and in lava caves of El Malpais National Monument

in New Mexico, important archeological discoveries are made every year in the form of

excavations of ancient pottery, figurines made from twigs, and evidence of the use of caves for


In recent decades, caving has changed considerably due to the availability of modern protective

wear and equipment. It has recently come to be known as an "extreme sport" by some.

Caving is often undertaken for the enjoyment of the outdoor activity or for physical exercise, as

well as original exploration, similar to mountaineering or diving.

The first recorded caving trip took place in 853 B.C. by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser III at

Lidje in Kurdistan, near the source of the Tigris. It was part of the victory celebrations after a

battle that took

Interest in caving is growing worldwide, partially due to the continuing concern for health,

fitness and the environment, and a growing demand for outdoor experiences with an educational

purpose. Perhaps the caver's greatest motivation is the thrill of original discovery. Most cavers

are drawn by the potential for discovering new caves or finding new extensions to known

caves, but some simply enjoy the solitude and beauty of the underground wilderness. Others

enjoy the camaraderie of caving, which can be a rewarding group activity as the physical and

technical challenges can demand concentrated team work.

The most commonly asked question is probably "What do you find down there?" The

answers are as varied as the caves themselves: mud; beautiful rock formations and rubble; water

and dust; vast rooms and tight crawlways; awesome rivers and puddles; strange and fragile

animals; deep pits and waterfalls; ice and warm water. One finds,

eventually, whatever one is looking for.

Cave systems have taken thousands of years to evolve their fantastic shapes, and crystal & clay formations.

Stalagtites and stalagmites found across the rocky cave floor and roofs are just two types of calcite formations that may greet a

visitor to this unique natural world. Virgin clay floors remain as pristine as the day ancient floodwaters last receded. The prints of

time in nature, the mysterious allure of caves, and the stunning scenery of underground world are wonderful

scenes of divine creation. Despite being carved from rock ,these places are rather fragile ecosystems.

This makes caving more than adventure; it is a way to understand the Earth better.…...

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