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The Roller Coaster Ride: the Resignation of a Star

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Harvard Business Case 1
The issues presented in this case include the star performer of Rubin, Stern and Hertz (RSH), Peter Thompson, leaving the firm for an opportunity at a different high performing firm on Wall Street. This is an issue for Stephen Connor, Peter’s boss and RSH as a whole. Stephen doesn’t know what to do in the situation because Peter is the best performer for the firm and finding a replacement is near impossible. Peter’s decision to look into accepting a job at another firm could affect the profitability of RSH because it will affect their overall ratings. Because of this predicament, Stephen is debating whether to offer a counter offer to Peter in attempt to get him to stay. Another option Stephen could consider is promoting Peter’s assistant Rina into Peter’s position even though Stephen doesn’t feel that Rina is fully qualified for the job she is looking to fill.
Possible Alternatives There are a few alternatives that are available for Stephen to choose from. Stephen could choose to issue a counter offer to Peter in an attempt to keep him at the firm. Stephen could also give Rina, Peter’s assistant, the job opportunity with the hope that she will grow into the position and be profitable for the company. Stephen also has the option to look for employee’s outside of the organization to hire for the position. Each of these alternatives has the option to prove profitable for the firm.
Pros and Cons of Alternatives The alternatives above should be critically evaluated so that the most effective choice for the organization will be made. In the scenario where Peter is offered a counter offer, it is important to look into all of the reasons why he was considering switching positions. If a pay increase is the only countermeasure offered by RSH, Peter would most likely not choose to stay with them because all of his reasons for leaving…...

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