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The Quest for Vengeance

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The Count of Monte Cristo is set just before the Hundred Days War and during the reign of King Louis. Dumas’ found inspiration for the novel from his acquaintance with Jerome Bonaparte’s son, whom Dumas’ took on educational trips, during one of those trips he saw the deserted island of Monte Cristo, and quickly resolved to write a novel about it. A huge inspiration for Dumas’ was the true story of Pierre Picaud, who lived in Paris in 1807. He was engaged to a woman, was soon to be married, when four of his jealous friends made false accusations against him as being a spy for England. He was imprisoned for seven years and befriended, who left him a great treasure in Milan.
In 1814, upon Picaud’s release, he spent ten years plotting revenge against his former. At his death, Picaud had related his life story to Jacques Peuchet, which was published in a newspaper. The fact that Picaud stayed in seven years is not really too shocking – many political prisoners were forgotten about, though they normally stayed for only a year.
The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel about a young man name Edmond Dantes, who is betrayed for many reasons of jealousy and in the end receives his vengeance. The story begins in 1815; Dantes is promoted to captain of the ship, Pharaon, and is engaged to Merecedes. One of his fellow shipmates becomes jealous of his promotion and Mercedes cousin is jealous for her love for Dantes. Both the men get together to frame Dantes as one of Napoleon’s agents. Dantes is thrown into jail and forgotten about for 14 years. During this time, Dantes is unaware that his father has died and that Mercedes is now married to her cousin. Dantes and his cell mate, Abbe Faria, devise a plan to escape through tunnels they dig themselves. Before the escape can carry out as planned, Abbe Faria dies and Dantes takes his place in a body bag. He is thrown out…...

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