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The Progressive President of United States

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The significant factor that leads the United State becomes the most powerful country actually depend on its presidency and the policy to control their society. In fact, the United States has survived from several situations that should have brought them down to the crisis, but, the national political leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, who intense to the social and political changes in America, have successfully raised a betterment for the United States, especially in the period of Progressive movement (1890-1920). Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were the national political leader that regarded as the Progressive president since they introduced dramatic political reforms in the United States. They establish several legislations that considered made the condition of America during the progressive era become better; more organized government, the new banking system, more control over the big business and monopolies, development of modern presidency, were some example of the progressive actions during the presidency era of Roosevelt' and Wilson'. Particularly, T.R. elevated the importance of his presidency by understanding the importance of the press corps and promote his own image as well as to promote the press of the policies in his presidency (Bauer 8). Meanwhile, Wilson enacted the progressivism by reducing the prohibitive tariffs, creating a major transformation of the banking system, and generating new stronger of trust in order to re-establish fair economic competition in the United States (Bauer 9). It just some examples of the significant actions they had established, in the following, will be discussed the other progressive actions as well as the Roosevelt' and Wilson' presidency during the progressive era.

At the turn of the century after the war with Spain in the end of 1890, the United States enter the…...

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