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The Impact on Globalisation on Media Industries

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Globalisation has had various and important impacts on the media industries and how they have evolved and developed. It has allowed people from all over the world to be able to share their cultural customs and engage and learn from these exchanges. This has had a particular effect on the music industry, becoming a powerfully influential tool in the global music market and cultural music practices. The changes that globalisation has caused can be either viewed as hindering expressive cultural development or providing new opportunities for cultural hybridisation. Although there are distinct fallbacks, the benefits of this new global music industry have been substantial. Globalisation facilitates the development of an enriching and creative music culture and provides credits to otherwise known cultural music, shown through the examples of Korean’s K-Pop and Nigeria’s Afrobeats.

Globalisation ‘refers to the rapidly developing process of complex interconnections between societies, cultures, institutions and individuals world-wide.’ (Tomlinson, 1999, pp.165) This process is commonly depicted as a beneficial force, unifying a range of different global societies and incorporating them into a “global village”, therefore enriching all cultures involved. Globalisation in the media industry is formed through the convergence of media organisations and the reconstruction of the media industries along global lines, creating a number of transnational conglomerates with immense power. This has been amenable to many media forms, in particular the music industry.
For the music industry to gain popularity in the global world, it must expand to resonate to an audience near and far.

Many scholars and musicians propose that popular music is one of the most universal means of communication, traversing language and other cultural barriers. (Kist, 2014)
A Brown, J O'Connor, S Cohen (2000) discuss that with the increasing development of new communication technologies there are changes in the global music industry, including the production, distribution and consumption of music goods. Through globalisation, individuals, companies and countries can exchange and distribute information and ultimately form a mainstream pop culture and trans-culture of popular music. The pop industry has developed and grown as a social and economic system because of it’s ability to break down cultural and economic boundaries, providing more area for the industry to expand throughout the world and gain mass profits.

It is shown that the impact of globalisation is vast and has changed the global music industry in powerful and important ways. Although there are disadvantages of globalisation, shown through the homogenisation theory and the risk of imperialism, it has also provided room for distinctive advantages. The culturally enriching benefits of new hybridised global music and the rise of otherwise unknown cultural music has altered, as well as provided economic success and to both the music industry and the countries involved. The examples shown, K-Pop and Afrobeats, are clear indicators of the success that the music industry has achieved through the increasing opportunities globalisation has provided.…...

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