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The Impact of a Price Change Into Two Components

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Economists often separate the impact of a price change into two components, the substitution effect and the income effect. The substitution effect involves the substitution of good x1 for good x2 or vice-versa due to a change in relative prices of the two goods. The income effect results from an increase or decrease in the consumer’s real income or purchasing power as a result of the price change. The sums of these two effects are called the price effect. Sir John Hicks (1904-1989) awarded the Nobel Laureate in Economics (with Kenneth J. Arrow) in 1972 for work on general equilibrium theory and welfare economics was the founder of the income compensated demand curve, we are going to look at the hicks income compensated demand curve and why it differs from the Marshallian demand function (named after Alfred Marshall) (26 July 1842 – 13 July 1924) was one of the most influential economists of his time. The Compensated Demand Curve Definition: the compensated demand curve is a demand curve that ignores the income effect of a price change, only taking into account the substitution effect. To do this, utility is held constant from the change in the price of the good. We will graphically derive the compensated demand curve from indifference curves and budget constraints by incorporating the substitution and income effects, and use the compensated demand curve to find the compensating variation (refers to the amount of additional money an agent would need to reach its initial utility after a change in prices, or a change in product quality, or the introduction of new products) From the diagram above we can see that the optimal bundle is Ea which is on indifference curve 1, a fall in the price of x1 will the budget line pivot out from p. The new optimum level is now Eb on indifference curve 2 and the total price effect will be from xa to xb . To isolate the…...

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