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The Herb That Could Heal Nations

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The Herb That Could Heal Nations Whether you call it Marihuana, Mary Jane, Cannabis or Ganja it is a herb that has many people advocating for its legalization once again. It is now unjustly classified as an illegal drug in most countries and as having no medicinal value in the United States constitution. The fact that medical cannabis is now available throughout Canada and twenty of the US states shows how biased and hypocritical the government is in regards to this plant. The fact is the legalization of cannabis would be beneficial to our society’s health, economic and judicial systems. Cannabis was the most widely used medicinal plant around the world with documentation of its use in China going back 5,000 years. There is evidence showing that cannabis has helped heal or alleviate symptoms in people diagnosed with epilepsy, asthma, cancer and arthritis. I have not heard of any cases of patients dying from medical cannabis use yet there are known cases of thousands dying from prescription drugs. The burden that is presently placed on our health care system would be alleviated by more effective medicine. This would mean fewer visits to the doctor, less waiting time for specialist appointments and more availability at hospitals. A healthier society would mean a better quality of life for everyone. The legalization of cannabis would not only save the government money spent on enforcing prohibition but would create millions in tax revenue. The state of Colorado has recently legalized the sale of cannabis and made $2.1 million dollars in its first month of sales. This is with a population of approximately 5.2 million people, compared to Ontario’s population of almost 13 million. Instead of all the profits going to gang and drug cartels, with legalization there could be millions made each month which could benefit underfunded…...

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