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The Growing Trend of Unbranding

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Polly Stone

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Dr. Adrian Sledmere
April 2014


As this work represents the culmination of my education so far and three years of personal development and growth in ways I could have never foreseen, I would like to firstly thank my incredible family for their unwavering love and tenacious support. Secondly, I thank my dear friends whom I embarked on this journey with in September 2011, our share of challenges and triumphs have built characters of us all. I am proud of each and every one of us for remaining sane in the times of adversity and having the courage to finish what we started. I must also thank my creative partner Kim Svanström, for bequeathing me with his design genius, for the patient hours he spent helping me in the digital space and oftentimes, making me laugh harder than I worked.
Lastly I would like to thank Dr Adrian Sledmere, for being the stable one and also if unbeknownst to himself, a truly inspiring educator.


The growing disillusionment and scepticism of brands is now a fact in society but where does it stem from and where does it leave brands?

This journey started when I read Klein’s (1999) ‘No Logo’ but wanted to explore further why the anti-capitilist protests and movements were happening, what was it inside of society that had influenced this rejection of brands? Written in 1999, Klein’s No Logo comments primarily on the brand’s growth and their methods that have led them to the powerful influence in society they have today. I wanted to shift the perspective to the consumer and focus on the significant cultural changes they have been subject to due to brands. Since the publishing of Klein’s book in…...

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