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The Execution Trap

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Article Analysis: The Executive Trap

Manjinder Jit Kaur
Business Policy and Strategy
February 22, 2016

The article begins with a comparison between a mediocre strategy well executed and a great strategy poorly executed. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, picks mediocre strategy well executed. He says that having a well execution is more important than having a great strategy. A great strategy is waste if it’s not executed well whereas a mediocre strategy will still be able to make positive impact if it’s well-executed. People fail to understand why their strategy is failing. This allows them to blame their employees and clients for the mistakes. A brilliant strategy producing poor results cannot be a brilliant strategy. A strategy’s purpose is to make positive change. If a strategy fails to produce necessary outcome, it is simply a failure. The article discusses the metaphor in which senior management is the choosing brain and rest of the employees are choiceless doers. In our body, brain’s job is to choose the job and hand’s job is to follow the instructions. Similarly, strategy is to choose what can be done. Execution is to follow the direction to implement the strategy. In short, strategy is choosing and execution is doing according to the false metaphor. This approach doesn’t help an organization, indeed it does more damage to the business as it restricts the employees from using their insight and experience. The article uses another example of large retail bank to the strategy and execution terms. The CEO and his team working in the retail bank formulate a strategy to satisfy customer needs. This strategy is forwarded to all the branches of the bank. The customer service representatives then execute the strategy. The CSRs are choice less doers and follow the manual which tells them how to treat the customers. The right to make choice…...

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