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The European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

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‘’You are well aware that the values on which the EU is built-freedom,democracy,respect for human rights and fundamental freedom,and the rule of law-lie precisely at the heart o the political association and economic integration process which the Eastern Partership offers and which we are pursuing with Moldova.(…) We want to create a new reality where all the citizens of Moldova, without exclusion, can enjoy all the benefits of a modern and effective political and economic system, respectful of their fundamental right’’. President Barroso.

1.1.Political situation in Moldova.

1.The independence of the Republic of Moldova, which was declared in 1991, raised a great number of crucial questions for the future of the new country- problems that had to be solved without delay. One of them was them was the orientation of its foreign policy and external allies. Moldova is literally situated on the border between East and West the countries that have chosen a ‘Euro-Asian’ way (Ukraine, Russia and Belarus) and the countries of Eastern Europe that, after the revolutions of the late 1980s, made a decisive choise in favour of the aligment to European standards.
After declaring independence in 1991, the Republic o Moldova actively aspired to membership in different international organizations. In 1992, it was accepted into the OSCE and United Nations, and…...

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