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The Benefits of Music Education

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The Benefits Of Music Education For Children And Society

The Benefits Of Music Education For Children And Society
Learning music can give children the ability of learning a variety of different subjects all in one classroom setting. They have a wide variety of curriculum taught to them in many different ways and in an enjoyable manner. They also learn many new skills and can expand their knowledge by learning to play a musical instrument. A crucial aspect to help expand a young child’s mind, as well as help them develop as an adult, would be Music Education.
When it comes to music, not many children realize that they are doing a variety of educational subjects. They could be learning to sing a new song or they could be learning a new rhythm. There is Spatial Temporal reasoning which you would need to be able to think several steps ahead. Then there is Language Analytical reasoning which you would need the ability to solve equations and receive a quantitative result. These effects are usually labeled as “The Mozart Effect”. Those who excel in calculus and geometry have good Spatial Temporal reasoning because it requires you to think several steps ahead. Gordon Shaw and Xiao DEng Leng did an experiment where music was played in various pitches by different instruments. It was shown that the Spatial Temporal thinking that is used in mathematics is highly triggered by music and shows greater brain function. Being healthy and active is an important part of what we want in our child’s life, and it is incorporated in music. During their music classes children get to enjoy dancing to music so it keeps them up and moving around. They are also learning how to be more coordinated, knowing when to move their hands at the same time is an example. Also, while they are moving around takes coordination and being active at the same time. A big step is learning how to be in…...

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