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Texas Courts and Legislation

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Texas Courts and Legislation: Effects on Educational Funding
Dalina A. Cavazos
ED 7822 The Funding of Educational Institutions

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Texas Courts and Legislation: Effects on Educational Funding State to state the rules of educational funding is based on their state statutes. Funds must be distributed among the districts with in their state. “Basically, there are three different degrees of state participation possible for financing and operating public schools” (Brimley, Verstegen, & Garfield, 2012): state operation, state support, and foundation program approach or district power equalization. Billion of state and federal dollars are overseen by the Texas Education Agency. “Funds come from multiple sources, including state and federal coffers, grant organizations, the Permanent School Fund endowment, and others” (Texas Education Agency, 2007-2012, Intro section). In Texas under the education code, Title II is for public education has the rules for the superintended of the district to divide and present the budget for the fiscal year by July 1 or September (Cornell University Law School, 2001, Sec. 44.0011). However, the budgets and regulations are constantly changing because of bills that proposed and laws that pass. The Texas Education Legislation Status states that “more than 100 education-related bills were passed during the regular session of 83rd Texas Legislature” (Texas Education Agency, 2007-2012, Intro section). Many were effective by set dates, others vetoed and many effective immediately. Even though, the state divides the monies to the individual school districts, many districts feel that the monies are not equally divided. Many school districts in Texas felt this way and decided to do something about…...

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