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Television over Paper

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Television over Paper

There will always be news wherever you go. When you witness a certain event, the chances of you seeing a person or a group of persons reporting about that event will be high. Even the simple sharing of information around your friends is broadcasting news. There are many persons, groups, institutions, and media groups writing and reporting news; you can see them in television, newspapers, or even live from the event. In our society of today, you will observe many persons acquiring news on Television channels, and less people reading newspapers having almost 20 pages back to back. Both may have the same content, but many still choose television over newspapers. Filipinos resort to Television News over Newspapers because of Simple Literacy Status, Presentation, and the society we have now.

Filipinos resort to TV news because a large percentage of Filipinos are only categorized as simple literate. Simple literate is defined as persons only understanding simple statements, and a survey from the National Statistics Coordination board gathered data stating that 93.4% of Filipinos are simple literate as of 2006 (NSCB). The language in written reports, papers, or novels differs from the language used when delivering it orally. For example, this is the 1st part of an article taken from the Guidon Newspaper:

When putting it to oral presentation, the report can shorten the selection. It can be reported as: "The University President appealed to the Ateneo community to continue in its discernment of the issues surrounding the RH Bill. As Fr.Jett pointed out, It’s a service; it’s also how we serve the faith by using our reason. (Miranda, 1) " Content found on newspapers are word-heavy; they contain many words to deliver full content, yet it uses some words that Filipinos may not understand directly. Filipinos try to compensate this literacy status through pictures and videos, since it will entail the people to have a picture on what is happening despite the report being wordy. Since Television provides both simplified reports and visuals, more people tend to use television for their source of news.

Another reason why Filipinos choose TV over newspapers is the Presentation. This is a trick used by broadcasters: They imagine themselves talking to someone (Mills, 179). They make it a point that they know what they are reporting. Successful Communication mostly consists of presentation, and this is one reason viewers do not feel alienated with the reporter (Mills, 180). For example, persons listening to famous newscasters, such as Noli De Castro, find themselves "talking", like he is just sitting beside the person. This is seen by the reactions of raising comments or criticizing with him, similar to "Mali nga; dapat kasi ganito...." or "Bakit nila naisip na..." . Another example would be Mike Enriquez of GMA Networks; he adds his tone and accent on his presentation, mainly because many Filipinos have similar accents. Enriquez may be trying to imitate how ordinary Filipinos, especially those living in the streets, talk, thus establishing a sense of unity between the reporter and the viewer. The way how broadcasters present stimulates the viewer's mind, and engages them into critical thinking, thus preferring TV over newspaper.

More than these, the kind of society we have now may be a cause for Filipinos to choose TV over newspaper. Our society is now part of a technologically advancing world, wherein gadgets and instruments that make work faster and more efficient are rampant. Almost any information can be accessed easily, and this gradually makes Filipinos wanting to acquire information faster. These people have a wider range of tools for acquiring information; sources are not only limited to written articles, novels , or oral. People can acquire information through videos, television, and the internet, which is faster and more efficiently than reading through a whole block of text. Because of this need to acquire information faster, Filipinos go to television instead for news. TV News are short yet detailed, and can be accessed just by changing the channel.

It is always easier to learn when people actually witness what they are learning. This is a main factor why Filipinos choose Television over Newspaper. Details are relayed fast, communication is established, and it can be easily understood by many. The next time you witnessed an event, there is a high chance that it will be seen on TV.


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