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Impact of Contemporary Technologies on the Performance Potential of students

Associate professor Dept. of Education Research Scholar, Dept of Education
Central University of Kerala Central University of Kerala

As technology use continues its steady growth among contemporary students, both within and outside of the classroom, its impact on academic performance becomes an increasingly important question to address. Cognitive theory and multitasking research strongly support a negative effect while other studies have found little to no effect. This article seeks to explore the impact of modern technologies on the performance potential of learners. It also describes the intellectual and theoretical contributions of great scholars whose scholarly intervention paved the for the advancement of technology in the field of education

The role of technology in the field of education has been discussed in a vivid manner. It remains an important issue even today as the debates about the impact of technology on our society, the implications of quick and easy online access to information for knowledge and learning and the effect of technology on young people’s social, emotional and physical development is being analyzed and discussed the educationalists and social scientists. As the report presented by the School of Education in Durham University lead by Steven Higgins (2012) indicates ‘the increasing variety of digital technologies and the diversity of contexts and settings makes it difficult to identify clear and specific implications for educational practice in schools’.(The Impact of Digital Technology on Learning: A Summary for the Education Endowment Foundation )
As technology use continues its steady…...

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