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Term project
A pressing plug, which is pressed into the wall while unused and pressed out while occupied.

Our production is aimed at young fashion designer, family with little children and people with obsession.

This unique product can be plug from four directions while use less space. Our clients can press the plug into their walls while they don’t use it. It saves more room than wiring board. On the other hand, little naughty children disturb their parents all the time. With this new project, parents will have less time on worry about the hazard of the electricity form the plug (which draw enough interest for children to stab.) What’s more, there are increasing trend of people pursue a high quality of the decoration of their house, big black hole on the wall may spoil the whole romantic atmosphere, while the electricity are necessary in our daily life. The pressing plug will solve this kind of problem as well.

First launch of the project is aimed at the slap-up society. This people have more intensive will of novel things and willing to spend more money on decorations. And because of the advanced research investment and originality, the pressing is designed to be a pricy. Then push it into a wider market. It can be sold in infant & mom section as well as fancy building material section. What’s more we can put it into campus, let it exposes to a large group that easy to accept new product (universities always have amply fund and to build a future market)

In the future, we may push out new productions with different ports (cable TV access, UTP, etc.) And different laceworks will be sold at the same time, and custom made lacework is being processed.

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