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FAO – Head of Disciplinary
Formal letter of complaint:
Regarding – Amira Bah, p1/2, Kirkshaws Primary
This letter is a formal complaint against Mrs Harkness teacher to p1/2 and my daughter, Amira Bah.
My daughter came home yesterday much hungrier than usual and me with no thought gave her extra for her home time snack with no further thought. Straight after she was begging for an early dinner – not like her. Now I understand why as Mrs Harkness did not allow her to eat her snack at playtime.

Amira was not going to tell me this as she was frightened her teacher would give her into trouble for telling me what she done. The reason I came to know is due to her asking for her eczema cream at bed time which she usually doesn’t have at that time - when I looked I asked why it was so enflamed and she went on to tell me why.

“At playtime i went and got my jacket not realising it was an inside play so when Miss Harkness seen me she yelled at me saying why have u got your jacket on its inside play!” She then told Amira to sit on her seat and she was not allowed to play with anyone and not allowed to eat her snack and also she had to keep her jacket on! I quote she said to her “You will be too hot and I don’t care and you can just starve and I don’t care”

Amira doesn’t eat her breakfast in the morning she only plays with it and im lucky if she will take one bite of an apple in the morning – I then take confidence knowing that come 10.30/11 she will have her snack which she always has a banana, apple, crisps and sweets and I know she will be fine as that is the time she feels like eating. This being said – Her teacher has deprived her of food at snack time, meaning she has had no food until lunch time and with not eating all day, was obviously extra hungry during the day and came in after eating lunch and playing outside to ask her teacher if she could get her snack from her bag, which she was then again told no.

I am in full support of teachers punishing kids if they have a reason but not for the reason of getting her jacket at playtime not realising it’s inside play – That deserves punishment?

I wouldn’t even call that punishment even for a legitimate reason; I would call that child cruelty.

I was nervous enough about moving my daughter school do be more close to our house as she is a minority skin colour and is an easier target for bullies. I have found since moving that the only bully has been her teacher.

This is not the first time she has mentioned about her teacher not treating her properly – she has came home in tears on more than one occasion. She has previously said she never wants to help or if she gets something wrong she shouts at her instead of helping her. Amira then sat stuck and didn’t finish the work as she was scared to ask for her on how to spell a word to finish her work.

Rather than being supportive she is scaring her off. Amira has been asking to move school for weeks due to her “always being nasty” and “never wants to help” and “scared to ask for help because she will shout at her” but this incident is the limit.

If nothing is done in the school due to this incident – I have a copy of this letter and WILL be taking this matter further.

A teacher having a bad day is no excuse for this type of behaviour. If they don’t enjoy working with children, aren’t there to offer the full support that it needed within a classroom – having children scared and upset to be going to school – They should not be working so closely with children.

When they leave the house, I put my trust in their teacher who is then the one responsible for my child at the time of school – To be there to support her and treat her with respect and not unfairness. I should not be sitting at home worrying if my child is going to be bullied today.

I have also gained evidence from other children in the class who clarified this incident.

Jemma Bah.…...

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