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Survey Finds: “Employees Desire a Higher Sense of Accountability in the Workplace”

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Fierce, Inc. is an award-winning training and leadership development company that does research and gives results for business and education. In one of the survey of this company of nearly 800 corporate executives, employees, and educators across the finance, healthcare, retail, aerospace, and defense sectors, it provides new insight into employees’ perception of workplace practices and the disconnect between the priorities of managers versus employees in terms of workplace communication. As we know, companies try to do their best by creating various “best practices” both unspoken and written in order to support their employees. But are these “best” practices really leading to success? Most of the employees assume that their company’s workplace practices are inefficient – which by the 44% of Fierce survey respondents who claim that their company’s best practices actually hinder employee productivity and morale. Furthermore, another 47% informed that their organization’s practices have some positive results but these are not enough and not the organization’s priority to fullfil.
However, these practices are diagnosed with the best intentions, it is missing the important part – supporting the needs of the workforce, most of the time. Nearly 50% of the respondents reported that they need transparency and more involvement in company decisions. Besides, they value the practices which encourage accountability, development and individual empowerment. “These widely accepted practices are not only ineffective, they are costing our companies billions of dollars, driving away our most valuable employees and customers, limiting performance, and stalling careers.” said Halley Bock, CEO of Fierce, Inc. He also added that this survey should encourage managers to pay attention the practices in place, and actively engage their staff in creating new policies that are prepared…...

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