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Summary of “What Went Wrong at Eastman Kodak” from Team Ccamp

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At the beginning of our theme choosing, we all really want to focus on some big corporations which related tightly with our daily life. After filtering through the recent social highlights, we all agreed choosing Kodak as our business model. We wanted to show our respect to this big head who brought us huge fun in the past decades. And we want to use our special way to memorize our colorful “Kodak” childhood and Kodak’s eliminated by the cruel business world.

We started preparing for the team presentation very early. I sent the 1st mail to all my group members at 4th March. We all believe that small steps can bring big results. With theme choosing, role distributing, speech drafting, slides preparing, our task finished smoothly. I feel so sorry to not attend the May 12 class due to my competition, or we may bring a better presentation in the end.

In evaluating our final show, we think that there were good points, but something could be better performed. Taking the experience from the previous teams, we brought a record in the beginning to wake audience up, and the “CcampTV” logo is showed in nearly all the slides to show the technicality of the program. All the speeches were well organized and most of the speakers chose not to use the script for help. There were also many parts didn’t reach the expectation. In Mengjin’s part we chose to use an ad to show the “time flow back” conception, and Meng really prepared wonderful content which accurately matched the duration of the video, but unfortunately all audience’s attention were attracted by the video and we failed to control the background volume.

Finally, I want to thank professor Xie for giving us such a great opportunity to really show our potential. My teammates all have great English ability but all really shy to show themselves in the public. This team presentation pushed them to communicate to the…...

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