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Structural Changes of Hrm

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“Structural Changes Of HRM”
Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. These human resources responsibilities are generally divided into three major areas of management: staffing, employee compensation, and defining/designing work. Essentially, the purpose of HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees. This mandate is unlikely to change in any fundamental way, despite the ever-increasing pace of change in the business world. As Edward L. Gubman observed in the Journal of Business Strategy, "the basic mission of human resources will always be to acquire, develop, and retain talent; align the workforce with the business; and be an excellent contributor to the business. Those three challenges will never change."

According to Organizational Change Management, acquiring or merging with another company has a profound effect on organizational structure. The deletion of duplicate departments manages cost, yet talent from both companies can be utilized in the resulting corporate structure. However, job functions will be altered to fit the business model of the company, and management positions may be eliminated as well.
Job Duplication:
Multiple managers or executives within an organization may create the need for change, according to Employees can either become frustrated with trying to please more than one manager, or employees may find ways to use opposing views by multiple managers to get what the employee needs. When employees encounter duplicate management positions, the structure of the organization needs to be altered to eliminate the excess positions and bring departments into line with the proper individual manager.
Marketplace Changes:
As the marketplace changes, so do the…...

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