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Chapter 7

Decision making is the cornerstone of planning.

Procter & Gamble set a goal of doubling its revenues over a 10 year period.

The mission outlines the organization’s purpose, premises, values, and directions.

Flowing from the mission are parallel streams of goals and plans. Directly following the mission are the strategic goals. These goals and the mission help determine strategic plans. Strategic goals and plans are primary inputs for developing tactical goals.

1ST they provide guidance and unified direction for people in the organization. Goals can help everyone understand where the organization is going and why getting there is important.

2nd goal setting practices strongly affect other aspects of planning. Effective goal setting promotes good planning, and good planning facilitates future goal setting.

3rd goals can serve as a source of motivation for employees of the organization. (reward system)

4th goals provide an effective mechanism for evaluation and control; How successfully today’s goals are accomplished. (setting a high goal and half way there realizing you will not meat that goal then study why they didn’t reach their goal)

Goals are set for and by different levels within an organization.

FOUR BASIC LEVELS OF GOALS – mission, strategic, tactical and operational.

Mission - a statement of an organization’s fundamental purpose

Strategic goals - a goal set by and for top management of the organization

Tactical goal - a goal set by and for middle managers of the organization

Operational goal - a goal set by and for lower-level managers of the organization.

All managers should be involved in the goal-setting process. Each manager, however, generally has responsibilities for setting goals that correspond to his or her level in the organization. The mission and…...

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