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Strategic Report for Quick Results International

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Strategic Report for Quick Result
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Executive Summary
Quick Result faces a lot of economic challenges at this point in its existence in the face of hectic competition which has resulted in knocking it off its perch. As of this writing a company who had succeeded in successfully fighting off all forms of competition in the past is faced with the imminent possibility of winding up and out of the international transportation business. However, we believe that all the players in the international transportation business could be faced with similar challenge and therefore (believe= repetition) that Quick Result could find opportunities that could steer it out of the current crisis in the shortest possible time.
This is a strategic plan on how Quick Results can revamp its operations and deliver itself from the challenge it currently faces and take advantage favourable future economic conditions. In doing so it would still apply its resources available currently in the form of infrastructure, vehicles/carriers, experiences personnel, management (though a change in management would be the best way to go).
Generally, every firm irrespective of the market it operates exists to survive, maximise profit and grow in order to generate appreciable return on investment to the shareholders and contribute to the wellbeing of the environment that it operates in. in the bid to achieve these objectives firms have to contend with challenges of competition and being cost effective in their operations. The former is beyond the Firm and has to find a way to manage so as to influence its outcome while the other is within the firms grasp. These have the tendency to overwhelm the firm if not properly monitored.
Success is achieved when management is able to plan and structure the right mix of the many factors that affect the firm to achieve the above…...

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