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States Are the Most Important Actors in the Processes of Global Governance’

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‘States are the most important actors in the processes of global governance’. Discuss and use three examples to illustrate your argument.

In 1944, Keynes threw the first idea about the necessity of a global government in the Bretton Wood conference. But the main historical fact which triggered the development of this notion was the breakdown of Soviet Union in 1991 which marked the end of a bipolar world. Since then, we have seen numerous international organisations multiplying, with the emergence of the notion of globalization, an emerging concern of environmental issues and the management of conflict by specialized international institutions, engaging the process of global governance which is now one of the main issue for the future.
This term of « Global governance refers to the complex of formal and informal institutions, mechanisms, relationships, and processes between and among states, markets, citizen and organizations, both inter and non governmental through which collective interest on the global plane are articulated.
In conventions, most of the states involved in global governance have seen themselves attributed various kinds of responsibilities and powers through the creation of diverses supranational organisations such as UN, EU or financial instutions like IMF or the World Bank. Nonetheless, global governance implies a participation based on consensus and volunteering the sacrifice is important, the countries involved have to give up some of their supremacy for a common view, favorising international trades and cooperation between the states.
However we will demonstrate that reality is somehow different. Indeed, governance implies informal mechanism of influence beyond the internal circle of the organisation and involve various kinds of non governemental organizations. Which leads us to the following issue: What is the real power of the states…...

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