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The Huffman Trucking Company is organizations that people rely on to provide logistics for the transport of their products, or a way to invest in a strong company. The focus on the people dependant on the company’s survival is not lost on its company managers. That being said the Huffman Trucking’s vision is “To be a model company to our stockholders, employees, customers and all stakeholders”. It is important that the mission, vision, and the principles of the company be effectively communicated to all of the stakeholders (Pearce & Robinson, p. , 2009). Employees from the lowest associate to the CEO for example, must know what the company stands for in order to be empowered within their job roles (Pearce & Robinson, p. , 2009). Stakeholders, like the customers must be willing to put their trust into the company in order to transact business. Additionally current and prospective investors are stakeholders for the company. Investors ensure that the company prospers and grows when capital is needed. Huffman Trucking has a responsibility to these investors to communicate the company’s pertinent information in order for the investor to make an informed decision. As the company is privately held, the investors would only get access to a limited amount of information from the company. By providing the mission statement, vision statement, and values to investors and all other stakeholders, Huffman Trucking will be able to build upon its present success.

Pearce, J. A., & Robinson, R.B. (2009). Strategic Management. Formulation, Implementation, and Control, Eleventh Edition (11th ed.). Retrieved from…...

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