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Squad Training Management Practical Exercise

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Training Management

Developed by:
Maneuver COE, DOTD, TDD for Maneuver SLC
Last updated on 05 MAR 2010

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• Field Manual (FM) 7-0 (Dec 2008) Training for Full
Spectrum Operations, establishes the Army’s keystone doctrine for training
• Field Manuel (FM) 7-1 Battle Focused Training

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The Role of Training

Increasing Violence















Aim point for Army training and leader development
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Meeting the Challenges
• Challenges:
– Where Army forces will operate?
– What the mission will be?

• Core METLs or CMETLs

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Change in Mindset
• Step one – Cdr to Cdr dialog to discuss: – Training condition & corresponding

Proportion of efforts (Offense, defense, stability, and civil support)
Risk to readiness
Training focus to prepare for directed mission Slide 5

Change in Mindset (cont)
• Step two - Training briefing during which the senior commander enters into a “contract” with subordinate commanders addressing:
– Task to be trained
– Training conditions
– Risk associated with training
– Resource requirements
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Stability Tasks
• Provide essential services and support
• Sustaining proficiency in offensive and defensive operations
• Collecting accurate bottom-up intelligence • Receiving and acting on top-down intelligence at the tactical level

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Unit Training Conditions
• Realistically replicate the projected operational environment
• OPFOR conditions should incorporate
– Cultures
– Languages
– key leaders in the projected AO…...

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