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Specific Population and the Advocate Role Paper

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This paper will briefly touch on issues of advocacy in human services. I will try to examine the needs of a specific population. I will briefly discuss the homeless population. I add a personal perspective on how I can assist with the problems that the homeless face such as shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and job training as an advocate. The most proximate cause of homelessness in America is poverty (University of
Richmond, 2003). In the United States today there is approximately between five to six thousand people who are homeless. A person who is homeless is a person who does not have a permanent place to live; this also means a person who is sleeping in a relative’s sofa or floor (McKinney-Vento). Illness, violence, addictions, poor nutrition, and unemployment are some of the problems that come alone with homelessness.
Since the population of homelessness is on the rise, new programs have been formulated by experts in order to aid the homeless and try to prevent the homeless population from increasing. Advocacy refers to influencing decisions that affect the welfare or interests of another individual or group (Barsky, 2000, pg. 219). Helping clients set goals, educating them of the resource they have available, helping them locate the available resources, and working towards changes in policies that limit their abilities would be a way of my advocating for the homelessness. Empowering clients to change their situation is an important way for me to advocate. I feel that one of the best ways that I would be able to advocate for the homeless would be by empowering them to make changes while helping and guiding them to make the changes needed in order to achieve their goals. These changes should be

desired by the person and these changes can include rehabilitation from drug addiction, job training, and education, these are life style changes that must be desired in order to empower the client. With the proper resources and information as well as identifying the core as to why for the reason for the homeless situation, advocate will be better able assist the client. In this paper some of the problems faced by the homeless where briefly described as well as the role of the advocate who is advocating in trying to help them to try to change their situation. When a person cannot accomplish goals or receive the proper treatment from organizations and or people due to their circumstances, this is when an advocate plays an important role. Certain circumstances can prevent many people from different walks of life from creating what they believe to be a normal life style, which is what most people want and desire. To be able to sustain oneself without the help from outside agencies such as nonprofit organizations or assistance from the government. As I have stated previously there is approximately between five to six thousand people who are homeless in the United States and they are at a great disadvantage due to the fact that they do not have shelter and money that will help them make changes in their lives and achieve their goals. For these reasons it is important to advocate for the homeless. The homeless need advocates to help them locate services and empower them in order for them to get back on the right track and become self- sufficient. References:
Solutions for America: Preventing Homelessness in America. Retrieved October 18, 2012, from

McKinney-Vento Act. Retrieved October 18, 2012, from
Barsky, A. E. (2000). Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions. Thomson Learning.…...

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