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Skills Ranking

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Robin Hamilton
Gen. 105
Professor Hamilton
October 26, 2012

Skill Ranking

1. Time Management 6. Financial Management
2. Setting Priorities 7. Research Skills
3. Stress Management 8. Reading Comprehension
4. Understanding Technology 9. Math
5. Communication 10. Proper Etiquette

How can you top five ranking skills help you in the classroom environment? * * My first top ranking skill that will help me in the classroom environment is time management. This to me is the most important top ranking skills, because time management is everything. What I mean is that when you are in a classroom environment you have to management your time properly, such like a daily routine so you know that, everyday at that time you are obligated to that time so that you know that part of your day is scheduled for your distance learning. Even though you had a hectic schedule and been busy all day, you know that you manage your time everyday around the same time so you don’t forget. A second top ranking skill is setting priorities, you have to know which of your priorities is first and that they are well taking care of before you can go head and continue with your day. You cannot plan to be in a classroom environment and have a whole bunch of priorities that needs to be taking care of. Priorities are very much important, such as making sure all your errands are done, an important doctor appointment, or taking your child to a very important school event. Priorities are very important, because they make your day less stressful and hectic free. Next comes stress management, everyone need to be stress free at times, and the only way for you to be stress free is to manage your stress the right way, even if you have to see someone for help to help you manage your stress, having too much stress in your life is not a good thing, a lot of things could…...

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