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Similarity Between Red Scare and the Crucible

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Introduction • % of how many people in U.S. remarry Statistical study of how many marriages and divorces happen in the U.S. % of people that remarry right after divorce or stay divorced? • Why people remarry? To explore other relationships and their interests Change in gender choice Death of spouse • What are consequences to a remarriage? Children have difficulty adjusting to new accustoms (new mom or dad, house, new family, new location) Financial problems with ex-spouse Trust issues due to previous marriage When remarrying another person it might be twice as hard to fall back in love with another person or easier than your first marriage.

Paragraph 1 • 85% of U.S. population marry • 75% divorce after marrying • 60% of those divorced will most likely remarry • 35 million Americans are remarried in U.S. • additional 36 million who are divorced or widowed

Paragraph 2 Reasons to why people remarry? • Unhappy with who they were recently with • Wanting to explore other options with other people • Change in gender choice • Death of spouse, in need for another lover • Different choice or racial outlook

Paragraph 3 Consequences to a remarriage • If previous marriage had children, than it would be difficult for the children to adapt to another environment with another mother or father • Children might have step brothers or sisters that they might need to adjust to • Husband or wife may have financial problems after divorce causing them to have not as much money or opposite • Either partner might have some issues being with another person that…...

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