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Signode Industries Inc.

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Introduction: Signode Industries Inc., a privately owned company, is the market leader in the steel strapping industry. In the early 1900’s, Signode started out as a producer and marketer of patented steel strap joints and application tools. In the 1950’s, Signode vertically integrated its business and started to purchase and process rolled steel. Signode has since become a low-cost processor of cold rolled steel. Three grades of steel strapping are manufactured: Apex, Box Band Magnus (BBM) and Heavy Duty Magnus (HDM). Today, Signode produces plastic strapping in addition to the steel strapping products and is the only producer of customized steel strapping and steel strapping machines. Signode sells its strapping products through its geographic ally organized sales force that traditionally had developed markets by specializing, by industry, some of its sales representatives. Signode’s sales force is the largest, most powerful and respected in the steel strapping industry. Signode's competitors can not provide the level of service that Signode provides. There are presently six major competitors in the steel strapping industry that account for 92% of steel strapping shipments. In 1983 Signode had a 40% market share in the steel strapping industry, however that share dropped from 50% in 1973. The biggest reason for the loss of market share is price discounting by the competition. Problem: In November of 1983 the major U.S. steel companies announced that they would increase the price of cold rolled steel by 6.8%. Cold rolled steel is the raw material used in the manufacture of steel strapping, Signode’s primary product. Traditionally, such an increase would be passed on to the consumer directly. However, the traditional approach has met opposition from Signode’s sales force, who feel that the sales force is already at a disadvantage in the market due to pricecutting by…...

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