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Significance of New Wages and Labor Regulation

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Significance of New Wages and Labor Regulation
The Relationship between Government, Business, and People

Howard Liang
POSC 100-07
Donald J. Matthewson
April 21, 2016

Significance of New Wages and Labor Regulation New wages and labor regulation reveals a strong connection between government and business. In political science, government analysis political activity and behavior, Congress creates and passes laws, and other federal agencies make and enforces regulations. Since government and Federal play a major role, which ensures country’s safety and people’s survival quality, businesses become the primary goal to guarantee community growth. The following paper will focus on explaining how government, business, and people are connected by new wages and labor regulation in a political science view. Businesses are an important part of any state or country due to their contribution to the development of the state. There is a direct relationship between the performance of the business community and economic growth within a state. The business community does not exist within a vacuum, but operates within the framework of the state in which it operates. The government obviously appreciates the important role of the business community to the success of a country. However, every government must remember that its primary mandate is to protect the citizens. Governments thus have to ensure that businesses operate in a manner that they do not exploit the citizens of their respective countries. It is for this reason that each business has to be licensed to operate within a certain country so as to ensure that the government regulars the functions of such a business. In as much as licensing is a means of generating revenue for governments, it is also a means of regulating business activities partly to…...

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