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Should Women Be Home-Makers?

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Should women be home-makers? (AGAINST)
Women should not be home-makers
In recent years, women’s roles have had a positive change and they are treated better at home and at work. Since the roles have changed, women do not need to stay at home and be home-makers because they have proved that they are capable of anything. This essay will discuss against the topic that women should be home-makers. Some of the issues that will be discussed are women have been given opportunities to get an education and go to work. They should not be just home-makers because they need to be treated equally to men. Women should be encouraged to diversify their life choices and not just stay at home and be home-makers.
Opportunities for women to have education to get a job allow them not to restrict themselves by staying at home being housewives. In reality, women were not given a standing in society and were not exposed to the outer world. However, women nowadays have been given the opportunity to be educated and to work for which they get paid and their families receive the benefits of a good standard of living. Their children get good education, good clothing and other benefits in society. In this century, women do not want to be just home-makers. They get good work and education by being responsible to their families economically. This allows women to be empowered in their lives.
Treating women equally to men has changed the roles of women who did not have that privilege some years back. Over centuries, women have been treated as slaves everywhere. The difference between men and women in society is defined through sexism. Men were treated as breadwinners and women as home-makers. In the past, while men were supposed to be invincible, active and powerful, women were fragile, emotional and sensitive and regarded as the weaker sex. However, society is changing day by day. Women have become…...

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