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Service Product Marketing

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Business Report:
Analysing Service Design Elements

MRKT20026 – Service Product Marketing

Assessment 3

Term 2 2012

Student Name | Student ID/Number | Tatiana ZAPATA | S0203520 |

CQU in Brisbane Campus

Lecturer/Tutor: Patrick GOH

Paper Count: 2.628

Due Date: 27 of September 2012
Date Submitted: 27 of September 2012

Executive Summary This report provides a critically analyse of a design elements of two different service providers, Juan Valdez coffee shop and Guzman & Gomez fast food restaurant. This also involves the Russell’s Model of Affect and how this model is relates to the service elements identified in the services providers. The report also provides some recommendations to service providers in order to improve their physical environment to better suit the needs of their customers. Regarding the aim of this report is analysing the service design elements, relate the elements to Russell’s Model, and linking with relevant literature.

The findings reveal that servicescape can be defined as a consumer’s mental representation of a service environment on dimensions typically used to imprison and people’s personality. The Russell model also allows a direct assessment of how costumers feel while they are in the service environment.

It can be conclude that service environment plays a major part in shaping customers perception of a business image and positioning. A well designed service environment makes costumers feel good and boosts their satisfaction, while enhancing the productivity of the service operation.

Table of Contents Executive Summary ii
Table of Contents iii
1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 Background 4 1.2 Aim 4 1.3 Scope 4 2.0 Juan Valdez Coffee shop 5
2.1 Exterior Facilities 5
2.2 General Interior 8
2.3 Store layout & Interior display 11
2.4 Social Dimensions 12…...

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