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Justin “Film 1401 2013-4” Sequence Analysis Tutorial 13

A) Explain the plot structure and the story duration of the film.
To explain the plot structure, we need to break down the five main components of the plot. Breaking down the five main components of the plot structure will allow us to get a better understanding of our film. The five components are: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution/denouement. I will be using the plot structure that incorporates all five of these components into three acts: 1. Setup, 2. Conflict and Obstacles, and 3. Resolution.

Set up Act 1: The protagonist in the film is the little boy/teenager/man. We can look at him as our Luke Skywalker, and the older man (the Master Buddha) can be our Yoda. As seasons pass, the boy turns into a teenager. The master allows the boy to learn many life lessons on his journey to adulthood. A woman and her daughter who happens to be the same age as the boy enter the story line. At this point, we can establish that these three people will be our main characters. A floating temple on a beautiful lake is our setting. The boy, who has never been around a woman, falls in love with the girl immedialy. The film becomes enticing when the boy has a sexual awaking with the girl, and they get caught in the act. After being caught, the master then decides the girl is finally healed and her spirits are high. The boy decides to run to the outside world with her.

Conflict and Obstacles Act 2: The main conflict is when the boy (who is now a man), committed murder on the women who he originally escaped to the outside world to be with. The anger from the women conducting adultery with other men sends our protagonist over the edge. He has to deal with obstacles of being wanted by the police. The man returns to his master, who…...

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