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Seperating the Components of a Mixture Lab

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Emma Wellington Period 8 10/22/12
(No Partner) Lab #3

Separating the Components of a Mixture

I. Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to separate the sodium chloride-silicon dioxide mixture using filtration and evaporation

II. Equipment and Materials: Refer to the College Preparatory Lab manual, Page 28-30

III. Procedure: Refer to the College Preparatory Lab manual, page 28-30

IV. A. Measurements;

Measurements and Data for Separating the Components of a Mixture

Object |

Test Tube |
Test Tube+
Mixture |

Filter Paper |
Filter Paper+
Silicon dioxide |

Evaporating dish |
Evaporating dish+
Sodium Chloride w/ watch glass |

Filtrate |

Aliquot |

Glass | |


19.32 |

24.89 |

1.01 |

5.22 |

47.30 |

90.07 |

X |

X |

42.49 | |


X |

X |

X |

X |

X |

X |

40.0 |

10.0 |

X | |

IV B. Calculations:

1. Mass of Mixture Determination of the mass of the mixture: Mass= (Mass of Test tube and Mixture) – (Mass of Test Tube) Mass= 24.89g – 19.32g Mass= 5.57g

2. Mass of Silicon Dioxide Determination of the mass of Silicon Dioxide Mass= (Filter paper with sand) – (Mass of Filter paper) Mass= 5.22g – 1.01g Mass= 4.21g

3. Percentage of Silicon Dioxide Determination of the percentage of Silicon Dioxide % Composition= Part/Whole x 100 % Composition = Mass of San/ Mass of Mixture x 100 % Composition = 4.21g/5.57g x 100 % Composition = 75.6%

4. Expected mass of sodium chloride Determination of expected mass of sodium chloride Mass of sodium chloride = (Mass of Mixture) – (Mass of Sand) Mass of sodium chloride = 5.57g – 4.21g Mass of sodium chloride = 1.36g…...

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