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Selection Criteria

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1. Good conceptual and analytical skills combined with the ability to achieve results in a high pressure environment.

I have learnt how to set priorities, monitor workflows etc. It all comes down to when the deadline has been set, and how much work is involved in getting the job done. The last thing I would need to do is ask for an extension because I underestimated the task at hand.

As an example, at work, I need to prepare an FTE report fortnightly. I also prepare other ad hoc reports as required, plus investigate any asset related transactions. If there will ever be a delay in getting something done, while the reason for the delay will usually be outside my control, I will endeavour to inform the related parties that the work cannot be done in time and consult with them about an amended deadline.

In my last two years at DSTO Fishermans Bend, I can confidently say that I can work with minimal supervision. This is because my supervisor and all my other colleagues are at DSTO Edinburgh, I am considered the 1st level support officer for all enquiries in regards to asset accounting enquiries. If there is a question, all the finance staff comes to me for advice, which I would provide to them there and then, or a little while after some investigation. If required, I will contact my supervisor and/or colleagues for advice.

Even though my supervisor is in another state, I do communicate with her on average, at least once a day. Based on the feedback I get from her, plus the finance colleagues here in Melbourne, my work has satisfactory, if not more than satisfactory. My position is probably the most important APS5 position on this site, simply because there aren’t any staff members working with me. At the end of the day, I have satisfied other stakeholders here by working alone in meeting tight deadlines and with minimal supervision.…...

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