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Elements of Game Design

SEAL Team Six was created as a course project for Prof. Jonathan Amakawa's Elements of Game Design Class Working in teams or on their own, the students were tasked with creating a finished board game prototype To be "finished," the prototype needed to be iterated and play tested until it was balanced and consistently fun; no other restrictions existed on the type of board game permissible or the kinds of mechanics allowed.

Our primary objective was to explore the design process from the mechanics-dynamics-aesthetics perspective and test us as creative thinkers.

What Went Right

The creative aspect of the game was great with the intent of the game being a teamwork feel and completing the missions in a team effort was the thought even though the members could do different things those different things help with the others in completing a mission. The commander having a more creative aspect in the missions gives a new element to an already effective system (D&D and Pathfinder) and adds a much needed twist with the game because he can have a freedom to give the players a reward or to spring a surprise to the player by having an ambush put on them. Overall the creativity of the game can be the biggest upside for a RPG franchise.

What Went Wrong

The time it will take to complete missions is a little too short. By having more opposition while on a mission and adding more terrain traps to the game will be the biggest help because the ease of the game can prompt a player just to go through the motions and not making it as challenging as it should was a real fault that should be corrected.

Additional Info

I also think that the scenarios are more true to life than most other games in this genre, the way a sniper has to get good positioning before he takes his shot and by the types of weaponry available to the soldier its just a matter of the customizations of the weapons that will set each weapon apart from another players.

The development of SEAL Team Six was not necessarily based on a new RPG System, but on the creativity of the players. Failing the missions and starting over will make the commander change aspects of the mission to make a bit easier or if they want to be a jerk make it harder, this game is not made to re-invent the wheel but to make a great genre in games even greater by bringing in a brand new and almost virgin-esque audience and make it even greater.…...

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