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Name: Leo Mart B. Delos Santos Date: February 24, 2014
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1. Why is the movie entitled “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros?”
The movie was entitled Ang Pagdadalaga ang Maximo Oliveros because the concept of the runs in the life of Maximo. In which it views different kinds of problems which Maximo experienced and made him a strong person. This movie shows on how Maximo become nature of everything despites of many challenges to his life. Eventhough he has a heart of a girl he still prove to his self that he is brave and he can do everything. Maximo Oliveros is a great example to all the gays that feels loosing of confidents in facing trials in life.

2. Describe the main character.
Maximo Oliveros is strong in terms of facing different challenges. He is industrious in terms of cleaning their house and helping household chores like cooking, washing the plates and washing their clothes. He is also helpful in terms of helping other people. Maximo is courteous, he respect all the people around him.

3. Discuss the theme of the film. when we say pagdadalaga these term defines the maturity of a girl or acquiring another stage of her personality. In connection to this, the theme was all about a life of a gay that didn’t give up despite of everything that happened to his life. From the word itself it means being mature of a person or a transformation from being childish to become mature and thinks more broad and because of being mature it helps him to conquer all of those trials. Even though he grow up different in the eyes of others, but still he prove that he can do everything without their help.…...

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