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Renzo Maguina SD1340 HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Lab 5-1
Which <input> fields that you used were introduced in HTML5?
Following input types are introduced in HTML5:
What is the difference between the two?
Internet 8 explorer opens the code with no errors and chrome comes up blank.
What change would you make to accept both positive and negative numbers as valid?
Add a loop to the characters to ensure that both positive and negative characters would be included in the function.
<title>Event Scheduler</title>
function ScheduledEvent(evtDate, evtTitle, maxattendees, coordinator, phonenum, email, infourl) { this.evtdate = evtDate; this.evttitle = evtTitle; this.maxattendees = maxattendees; this.coordinator = coordinator; this.phonenum = phonenum; = email; this.infourl = infourl;

this.PrintEvent = PrintEvent;
function PrintEvent() { document.write("<p>You have scheduled an event named " + this.evttitle); document.write(" that will occur on " + this.evtdate); document.write(" and allow up to " + this.maxattendees + " attendees. "); document.write("The event is coordinated by " + this.coordinator); document.write(" who can be reached at " + this.phonenum); document.write(" or by email at " + + ". "); document.write("More information about the event is available at <a href='" + this.infourl + "'> " + this.infourl + "</p>");
function IsNumeric(sNumber) { var numberChars = "0123456789."; var IsNumber = true; var currentChar; for (i = 0; i < sNumber.length && IsNumber == true; i++) { currentChar = sNumber.charAt(i); if (numberChars.indexOf(currentChar) == -1) { IsNumber = false; } } return IsNumber;

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