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Screen Protector Application

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How to Apply a Screen Protector
Whether it is a smart phone or not, the average cell phone costs hundreds of dollars. Repair on a broken screen can cost half the price of a cell phone. So learning how to choose and apply a screen protector is a worthwhile investment. Instead of waiting for the first disaster to happen, apply a screen protector as soon as you take the phone out of the box. You do not have to go to a retail store and spend 50 dollars to get this done. If you purchase a good kit, you will be able to do this on your own.
Safety Information
Before applying a screen protector, turn your phone off
If you are concerned about privacy, choose a privacy screen protector which is either reflective or thicker and cannot be seen from a side angle
1. Purchase a screen protector kit 2.1- Go to a department/computer store 2.2- Go online to Amazon or EBay 2.3- Choose a non-glare screen if you are often in the sunlight 2.4- Choose a privacy screen protector if you are concerned about privacy 2.5- Purchase a kit with several screen protectors for future use (As shown in figure 1) Figure 1 ( - A kit with several protectors 2. Choose a good location 1.1- A room with high humidity or steam 1.2- A dust free room
3. Prepare the surface 1.1- Wash and dry your hands 1.2- Remove the dust and grease from the screen using the microfiber cloth include in the kit (As shown in figure 2)

Figure 2( - Microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the phone
4. Prepare the screen protector 1.1- Remove from the box carefully 1.2- Stick a piece of tape on the…...

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