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Satellite communication has been a very big help when it comes to communicating nationwide, out of the country and even on different planets; like when Neil Armstrong went to the moon. Different types of phases are used depending upon the level of communication; for home we may use just basic satellite communication, then you have military communication, and also a program called GIS which allow students to interact with helping on ways to perform satellite functions and know how to implement problems if they arise. Depending on the job both civilian and militant users may access satellites and their functions based off of record keeping, video, long haul activity and data communicating. Satellite communication systems are improving daily and are on a steadily upgrade climb for protection, communication and network sourcing. Satellite communication depends on the connected user and their location in which they will be able to use the satellite source and retrieve information they’re looking for.
Satellite communication through DSL and Cable still performs as a portable satellite service and allows you to connect to the variables of the world in the same type of way; whether independent or dependent links need to be access you can use both through satellite communications. Different locations that are out of reach with cable maybe accessible through DSL and wireless connection satellite connections. Cable limits a network to only being able to house information through that cable network and the bandwidth may not permit outside a level one is trying to specify. Satellite services have improved a wide range of connectivity issues, and is the massive growing force for videoing, voice transmission, data transmission and even cellular connections and transmissions. Although satellite communications have helped at home connections, in the office and in store connections, cellular connections are just becoming the interface and local way of using satellite communications. Distinguishing between different types of data connection types are LTE (4G) and the standard 3G connection. LTE allows for faster connection and no speed up wait; until 3G bouncing off of the satellites it causes slow connections and it also pulls when the apps or internet browsers are closed out of your phone. Not all places are adapted with wireless connections and due to that DSL speeds are limited because it’s only going to connect to what sources of speed you have within your household area.
Another thing that can stop DSL from functioning properly is if there are some type of services glitches within the network. DSL performs best when there isn’t any tie ups in the network, everything is functioning properly and also depending on the device you have whether it can hold a stable connection or not. Satellite communications connecting to devices allow you not need cable sources at all; if you can access the internet or make satellite communications in any type of way without using cable as a connector then you will be guaranteed good services. Two types of bandwidths that help satellite prove to be advanced are SHF (super high frequency) communications and UHF (ultrahigh frequency) communications. SHF and satellite systems support different worldwide connections with secure voice and high data rates; they connect frequent private networks through different military installations and many other government agencies including and not limited to the FBI, Police force and CBI. SHF communications allow these government agencies to connect and a faster, cleaner, and more appropriate rate whether at ground level or sea level. SHF communications systems and satellite connections are used for high priority communications and will only be heard about in warzones or when there is time for excess force to be displayed on a battlefield. SHF allows on ground preparatory personnel to communication directly via satellite to command watch in different areas of the base or nation giving them feedback on what’s happening or what needs to happen. If something is to go wrong while transmitting through SHF communications the back system DSCS will immediately and automatically take over. DSCS stands for Defense Satellite Communications System and when there is trouble with the main serve this back will kick in and continue to do the job the SHF satellite communication system should be doing; the DSCS system will also help to extend the capability and life span of communication services.
UHF connections aren’t like the SHF communications system although they provide adequate connection and faster DSL services. Signals for SHF are not like UHF; UHF signals doesn’t send information to the same platform of the atmosphere (upper) like SHF does. UHF sends there signal directly from personnel to space and back to the surface point in which it’s intended. UHF’s is used directly to satellite communication and broadcasting; it broadcast through cellular devices and through two or three party paging systems. Using UHF modes are very much practical and the portion of the radio spectrum through international telecommunication so it helps transmit vastly through the space portals.
Global technology is taking over lives on a daily basis; the platform serves a purpose more substantial than any cable you have set you. Coax wire has given computers, tablets, laptops and cell phone the proper DSL speed to beat out any type of network service band and its capabilities. Global technology is designed for nothing but the highest speed on connectivity and integration systems. One thing about satellite communication is it allows one to properly use the internet and type in any key words that will pinpoint on the global exactly what one may be talking about; using cable one may have to pay for extra services to be provided because a network using cable is limited through band, connectivity and inside/outside sources of information. An example of a great global and satellite communications system would be the AKO (army knowledge online) accounts provided for active duty military personnel’s, VETs, and some DoD workers. AKO accounts allow you to check emails, look up job related information and to also keep in contact with those in other regions and parts of the country and surrounding country. AKO counterparts are night private due to the mass production of searching, emails and browsing; most information that’s provided is open to whomever would like to search it and become familiar with it. Having open network activity doesn’t mean it isn’t monitored at all times and doesn’t mean that your network access isn’t being tracked.
Unlimited data is repeatedly used within AKO services; the Global allows for information to get to its destination with a click of a mouse and the users can create ways of being notified also with a receipt verifying recipients got it. AKO provides classified and unclassified information; when personnel are using their CAC card it allows more privileged opportunities access to classified information. Security certificates are on the CAC cards which let the networks and satellite pick-ups to pinpoint exactly who the user is, what information they’re entitled too and how much access one should have while visiting the network.
SATCOM programs provide implementation programs allowing for service workers to breech a certain amount of information before it feels the need to notify the proper government authority and give feedback on information that was looked up and used for certain task. The global provides many services that are highly dependable on satellite communication systems. Cost effective management is widely entailed when it comes to using the satellite communication systems because so much can be done on a network; although monitoring is 24/7 any information can slip through without someone knowing and access to documents, plans and maps that doesn’t need to be seen will be in someone else’s hands.
A system that caught my eye working with Southern Company is the GIS (Geographical Information System); this system allows for improvement on mainly visualization. Southern Company takes in a lot when it comes to people working for their company, they like to give people a change; those are willing to take in the lessons, focus on the task at hand and make sure that while at work the number one priority is working. GIS allows for better understanding and training methods of surveying, implementations, and seeing different dimensional graphs of hazards that can arise. This system actually allows mid aged teens to take part in learning about satellite communications and what it entails; it allows for hands on preparation when encountering an problem and it also allow for students to see different ways satellite communication works and how it’s implemented when a problem arise. Satellite communication is becoming fundamental but very well understood; especially considering people are limited to in house (region) information. The global end of satellite communication focuses solely on the flaws of cellular communication; delivery across networks are very important and if information can’t be sent and received within a matter of minutes then the system is considered as failed. Communication levels tie into the debate of cable vs wireless vs dish. Besides the demands of all information and high definition internet and television channels, no one really deals with Dish network. Although dish streams directly from satellite communication it freezes up, shuts off and the slow band doesn’t allow anyone to see what they need to or receive information in a respectable amount of time. Not everyone looks into in house staff that take out the time to develop, build, implement, and support systems. Competition is amongst the best communication systems and all different types of systems try to beat out on another when winning over people and the abilities on what it can do. Going globally and dealing with satellite communications you will not disappointed; you may be limited you but won’t be strayed away from relay instructions that are in the systems commands on what to do.
Packet and switching is what global always show the benefits of generation IP switching. The network capabilities focus on voice (commands), SMS, MMS and pre-paid and post services. Small transponders are networked with the military; they limit terminal size, rate and techniques. Also among switching over to satellite communication is low cost devices and circuit technology. Cell phone companies are now allowing pre-paid services to customers but giving them a wide range of access to communication applications through satellite; digital techniques aren’t too far behind. At first satellite communication was based solely on documentation and telephone features; not too many digital features were used but mapping and other geological pictures. However now one can send different types of vides, pictures and also be allowed to zoom in and out pinpoint any type of distress. All aspects of a network are secured through fixed services; they are also protected against jamming, intercepting and fading.
Future transmission technology services are now created with a high frequency band because of the new components that are now available for better service. Bigger, wider antennas help communication levels provide adequate connection to adapt to whatever type of network is pulling from satellite region. The satellite systems are now being designed on needs and not on what one things the system should entail. Due too many terrorist attempts and hacking successes system aren’t equipped to come ready and also on standby when they need to be. Not just military forces but other government officials use satellite communications to their best ability but they wait until they need them. Following a chain of command they limit themselves to what sources they need or use to avoid over doing a situation or not having enough resources to use all technology provided. Not too many people worry about that as an issue but they do worry about the expected future and the increased advantages and disadvantages on what satellites can provide and who outside of the government can afford access to them.
Due to the high volume of users, terrorist has been a major concern. Many enemies and their threats have shut down systems to the point of no satellite communication devices or technologies being able to transmit through land or sea. In case an emergency arises and no information can be transmitted, performs can perform a task what is called frequency hopping; it allows for higher faster transmission jamming that allows codes to be sent and received through satellite systems and encoded on the other side of the spectrum. Times slots sent through the beams must be in perfect formation, if there is any loop hold them information in the satellite spectrum risks being decoded, not sent at all or received in a distorted manner. Support for all different type of users is worldwide and global communication allow each to serve as a backup system for another depending on the threat and the fixture of the problem. The navy, army, air force and marines although different branches each department is broken down into mobilized categories that allow one to be helped when it needs to be and only that section. Doing more to satellite communication than it needs to be can hurt a system. When a system is at risk a government official can shut the system down to the lowest level of degree to where they can still function and do work but not feel a threat on hand. Global technologies can forfeit their structured designs up to the point of no longer being seen on the global but being able to fight off an attack as though they are. Due to the global of militant forces being so huge and widely used, outside of government official’s future communication through satellite will have smaller terminals. Creating smaller terminals from non-important members using band from satellite services it keeps the network moving fast but at a past that can be controlled. If officials feel that certain areas of information that is being broadcast or access is starting to pose a threat then it can be removed immediate and no danger will be done to the system, its networks, network users and out house suppliers. Organizations will try their best to achieve this at the given time. Out of country users that are no co-existent with US officials make it harder for satellite communications to operate when using out of region commands. Compromising between existing satellite networks will be widely looked at and evaluated for either change, destruction or to be left alone.
Territorial grounds serve no purpose for someone who isn’t a government official and wants to access a network; an example of this would be the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 game consoles. These new consoles allow personnel to access the internet through satellite communications and it doesn’t limit who can gain that access. Right here from the US using cable or wireless the DSL is the fastest it can be giving the best reception possible. Gaming has now went mobile because of satellite abilities; the gaming network has their own integrated fields that allow systems to be hacked, trickled with and even completely broken down because they don’t really do any harm. They only harm that’s done to the satellite connection is brought about due to level change or the speed of the game moving up. Research has shown that many gamers are getting into more trouble because of the hacking of systems on certain levels of satellite premises. No system is alright to hack and due to a high volume of users, if a system is hacked so that one wants to opt to play better and instead of earning they attack the system the government and creator of the game has the authority to shut them down at any given minute.

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