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Samsung Galaxy S5

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The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally announced and what all the hype led to was, to me, a very disappointing device with only very incremental updates to the device's predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

First of all, whether or not someone would like the new design is very subjective. I personally was expecting a more premium choice of material like metal and glass rather than plastic but the plastic was not the largest disappointment since all of the Galaxy devices made by Samsung are all plastic but I personally really dislike the design patterns on its back which looks more awkward than it is glamorous.

The camera is one part of the device that I would say met my expectations with the ability to capture 4k videos and being able to see HDR pictures while I'm taking the picture are examples of features that are actually useful. The speed of the camera, as Samsung would say has the fastest autofocus in any smartphone to date, another feature that I would still consider relevant the some people's daily life.

There are many more things to say about the S5, but I think that it is still a little early to give my full opinions about the phone before actually using it because who knows? I may end up liking the design patterns or maybe just put one of Samsung's designer cases on it and call it a day. The Galaxy S5 in by no means a bad phone, but it just didn't live up to all the hype.…...

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