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CULTURE SHOCK Selection Antropologist have coined the term “cultures shock” to describe the effect that immersion in the strange culture 1____ 1.) Options 1. has upon the visitor who is unprepared 2. is having on the unprepared visitor 3. has on the unprepared visitor 4. has in the unprepared visitor 5. have on the unprepared visitor 1. is replaced by new ones 2. were replaced by new ones 3. are being replaced with new ones 4. replaced by new ones 5. to be replaced by new ones 1. have the comforting knowledge 2. have the comfortable knowledge 3. have the knowledge that is comforting 4. are comforted through the knowledge 5. find knowledge comforting 1. returning to them 2. to return back to 3. when they return back 4. to return to 5. waiting for their return 1. produced from the great accelerated 2. produced of the greatly accelearated 3. a product produced by the greatly accelerated 4. a product of the greatly accelerated 5. a product of the great accelerated 1. It rises from 2. It arose from 3. It arises from 4. It has risen from 5. It has been rising from

It is what happens when familiar psychological Clues that help an individual to function in Society are suddenly withdrawn and ___2____ That are alien and incomprehensible. But most travelers ____3____ that the culture



Will I be there ____4____. The victim of future


____5____ rate of change within a society.


____6____ the superimosition of a new culture


But its impact is ____7____


1. very worse 2. far worse 3. the worst 4. far worst 5. surely worst

Take an individual out of his own culture 8.) And ____8____ in an environment sharply different From his own,

1. set him down with suddenness 2. seat himself down suddenly 3. sat down suddenly 4. set him down suddenly 5. suddenly sit him down 1. from any hope of retreat 2. from no hope of retreat 3. with any hope of retreating 4. with no hope to retreat 5. from having any hope of retreat 1. their values are incessantly changed 2. its values are changed incessantly 3. the values it has are not changed incessantly 4. its values are incessant changes 5. its values are incessantly changing

then cut him off ____9____ to a more familiar social landscape, and the dislocation he suffers is double sever.


Moreover, if this new culture is itself in constant turmoil, and if worse yet ____10____ the sense of orientation will still be further intensified


MASS COMMUNICATION MEDIUM Selection A mass communication medium like television, For example, ____1____ a country fragmented By tribal. 1.) Options 1. can be use to help in the unification 2. is of use for helping to unity 3. can be used for helping in unifying 4. can be used to help unify 5. has for its use to help unify 1. that inform the people 2. that gave information to the people 3. which purpose is to inform the people 4. that supply the people with information 5. which aims to inform the people 1. busily at work 2. of work in the country 3. at work in the country 4. which are at work in the country 5. that help work in the country 1. the language standardization of the

loyalties, customs, culture or simple geographic barriers, Programs ____2____ about national purposes and


national problems might help unite the people and put damper on the divisive forces ____3____


A national mass communication television network also can help ____4____. On the other


hand modes of

country 2. standardizing the language of the country 3. the country’s standardization of language 4. in standardizing the language in the country 5. standardize language in the country 5.) 1. can balance neatly out 2. neatly balances out 3. neatly balance out 4. is neatly balancing out 5. serve to neatly balance out 1. could still retained 2. is able to retain still 3. has the ability to retain 4. is still retaining 5. can still retain 1. will not evolve exactly as They 2. will not evolve exactly like they 3. are not to evolve exactly as they 4. do not evolve as they exactly 5. have not evolve exactly as they 1. should make with ability 2. will have the ability to make 3. will be in certain position to make 4. can be able to make 5. will be able to make 1. are facing up a unique opportunity 2. face a unique opportunity 3. have to face a unique opportunity 4. face a more unique opportunity 5. still face a most unique opportunity 1. might be able to develop 2. might develop 3. can, with ability 4. might be in a position to develop

personal communication ____5____ the means

of people, each person talking on the telephone _____6____ his individual traits and identify, the the things that make him unique as a person.


in developing countries, establishing such balance should be an important consideration. If we can be sure of one thing, it is that communications in the new nations ____7____ did in the


United States and other Western nations. The older nations invested in the telegraph, in the telephone, and in television in a random piece-meal fashion without knowing where their steps would lead them, the newer nations ____8____ a more considered, conscious choice. Benefiting by the past mistakes of the older nations, today’s new nations ____9____ in the field of communications.



In fact, they ____10____ some of the most advance And most sophisticated communications System in the world.


6. should developed

VOCABULARY 1. ABRADES 2. ACQUESCED 3. ANONYMITY 4. ASTOUNDED - to wear away by friction; to wear down in spirit; irritate - concerted; agreed; assented; acceded; accepted; complied - of unknown or undeclared origin or authorship - amazed; shocked; alarmed

5. DETERIOUS (deteriorate) – to impair; to grow; worse/to frighten; to turn aside; discourage or prevent from aching (as by fear); inhibit 6. DURESS 7. FIDGET (ED) 8. GARB 9. IMMOLATE 10. JEOPARDY 11. LISTLESS (LY) - compulsion by threat; restraint - restlessness; to move about restlessly - a dress; to clothe; style of dress; outward form; appearance - to kill as a sacrificial victim - hazard; danger; peril; risk; exposure to death, loss, or injury - languid; inattentive; spiritless

12. LUGURBRIOUS - sorrowful; mournful often to an exaggerated degree 13. MILIEU 14. PINNACLE 15. POSIT - environment setting; status - a thin turret; a spire or high peak; acme turret-a small tower - to assume the existence of; postulate – to assume as true

NUMBER ANALOGY 1. 0.75 is to ¾ as 0.8 is to _________ 1. 2/3 2. 4/5 3. 5/6 4. 6/7 5. 3/5

2. 75% is to 1/2 as 45% is to ________ 1. 3/11 2. 3/10 3. 3/4 4. 2/3 5. 3/5

3. 0.25 is to 0.125 as to 1.25 is to ________ 1. 0.625 2. 1.125 3. 1.625 4. 2.125 5. 6.250

4. 2 is to 50 as 3.2 is to _________ 1. 60 2. 70 3. 80 4. 90 5. 160

5. 14 is to 28 as 5 is to _________

1. 7

2. 8

3. 9

4. 10

5. 15

6. 1 is to 1/4 as 5/25 is to ________ 1. 1/16 2. 1/18 3. 2/6 4. 3/4 5. 1/20

7. 0.35 is to 7 as 0.45 is to ________ 1. 8 2. 9 3. 12 4. 14 5. 0.9

8. 1/3 is to 2/18 as 1/12 is to ________ 1. 2/72 2. 2/48 3. 3/36 4. 3/25 5. 1/72

9. 3/8 is to 12/32 as 2/5 is to ________ 1. 8/20 2. 10/23 3. 6/13 4. 4/6 5. 5/6

10. 1/3 is to 3/7 as 1/6 is to ________ 1. 3/14 2. 1/5 3. 1/4 4. 1/3 5. ½

11. 0.4 is to 2/5 as 0.6 is to ________ 1. 20 2. 4/5 3. 3/10 4. 3/5 5. 1/5

12. 0.2 is to 0.4 as 0.3 is to ________ 1. 0.009 2. 0.0009 3. 0.09 4. 0.9 5. 9.0

13. 8 is to 23 as 27 is to ________ 1. 33 2. 53 3. 93 4. 39 5. 43

14. 0.5 is to 1/2 as 0.65 is to ________ 1. 11/20 2. 13/20 3. 15/20 4. 17/20 5. 14/20

15. 1/3 is to 3 as 2/8 is to ________ 1. 2 2. 4 3. 6 4. 8 5. 10

16. 30% is to 3/5 as 80% is to ________ 1. 1 1/5 2. 1 2/5 3. 1 3/5 4. 1 4/5 5. 2

17. 0.30 is to 0.075 as 0.15 is to ______ 1. 0.000375 2. 0.00375 3. 0.0375 4. 0.375 5. none

18. 2/5 is to 20% as ¾ is to ________

1. 35.5%

2. 37.0%

3. 37.5%

4. 39.0%

5. 36.5%

19. 625 is to 81 as 5 is to ________ 1. 3 2. 4 3. 6 4. 9 5. 0.648

20. 8 is to 11 as 36 is to ________ 1. 49.50 2. 55.00 3. 59.50 4. 65.00 5. 69.50

21. 2 is to 2.5 as 4 is to ________ 1. 3 2. 5 3. 7 4. 9 5. 6

22. 2 is to 8 as 4 is to ________ 1. 18 2. 32 3. 36 4. 66 5. none

PROBLEM SOLVING 1. Miss Roxas bought 20 blouses for P1800 and marked them to sell at P110 each. After selling 16 pieces at this rate, she decided to sell the remaining blouses at a lower price. At what price may she sell each remaining blouse and still realize a gross profit of P360 on the 20 blouses? 1. P100 4. P115 2. P105 5. P120 3. P110

2. The Philippines and 19 other Asian nations decide to cut their oil consumption by two million barrels a day. If this is 5% of their daily oil consumption, how many barrels are consumed by these countries in one day? 1. 400,000 4. 100,000.00 2. 10,000.00 5. 400,000.00 3. 40,000.00

3. A development project which was financed by ecological organizations amounted to P 3.6 million. If there had been two more contributors, and the expenses were shared equally, it would have cost each organization P300,000 less. How many organizations contributed to the project? 1. 3 4. 9 2. 4 5. 12 3. 6

4. There are 36 reams of mimeographing paper in the drawer. If 1 ¼ dozens of reams of paper were to be used in printing, how many reams should be left in the drawer? 1. 15 4. 22 2. 20 5. 23 3. 21

5. A group of men went on fishing trip, agreeing that each should pay the same amount. The total bill was P168. If there had been two fewer men, each man would have had to pay 2 pesos more. How many men went fishing? 1. 15 2. 14 3. 13 4. 12 5. 8

6. The ceiling of a building, 18 meters by 15 meters, is to be painted. How many gallons of paint are required for this ceiling if a gallon can cover 15 square meters? 1. 15 2. 18 3. 20 4. 27 5. 36

7. A square and a rectangle have equal areas. If the rectangle is 36 by 16, what is a side of a square? 1. 24 2. 26 3. 29 4. 34 5. 36

8. Ana gets a commission of 10% for each bottle of lotion she sells. If a bottle of lotion sells for P87.50, how many bottles will Ana have to sell to receive a commission of P210? 1. 20 2. 24 3. 36 4. 38 5. 40

9. What is the sum of series of arithmetic progression having a common difference of 3.5, if the first term is 0.5 and the last term is 25? 1. 17.15 2. 25.55 3. 53.4 4. 174.5 5. none of these

10. If the sum of 5 consecutive numbers is 95, what is the third number? 1. 17 2. 18 3. 19 4. 20 5. 21

11. Two numbers are in the ratio of 3 to 5. The lesser number is 42. Find the greater number. 1. 70 2. 75 3. 112 4. 126 5. 252

12. The total area of a cube is the sum of its lateral area and the area of its bases. If the edge of a cube is 4, find its total area. 1. 96 2. 64 3. 48 4. 32 5. 24

13. If a can of paint will cover approximately 60 square yards, what length of the wall can be painted if the wall is 8 feet high? 1. 12 feet 2. 10 feet 3. 6 feet 4. 5 feet 10 inches 5. none of these

14. One million is to be divided among the 3 children of a widower in the ratio of 10:12:18. By how much is the largest share greater than the smallest share? 1. P300,000 4. P100,000 2. P200,000 5. P50,000 3. P150,000

15. Division and section heads of agency Y who come late during their monthly staff meetings are fined. The first latecomer pays P0.50, the second latecomer pays P1.00, the third pays P1.50, the fourth pays P2.00 and so forth. If 13 came late during their last meeting, how much money was collected from them? 1. P6.50 4. P84.50 2. P P45.50 5. P104.50 3. P65.00

16. The first day, a contractor hired 11 carpenters, 3 masons and 5 helpers. The second day, he hired 6 carpenters, 5 masons and 2 helpers. The third day, he hired 5 carpenters, 3 masons, and 3 helpers. If his payroll was 194 the first day, P137 the second day, and P112 the third day, how much did he pay each mason a day? 1. P8 4. P12 2. P29 5. none of these 3. P10

17. In an illustration, one unit represents a line 85 centimeters long. How many meters long of a line will be represented by 150 units? 1. 1.275 4. 1,275 2. 12.75 5. 12,750 3. 127.50

18. If the management of a parking lot charges its customer P10.00 for the first two hours and P5.00 for each additional hour or a part thereof; then the cost for parking for 4 hours and 45 miutes is __________. 1. P15.00 4. P35.00 2. P23.75 5. P45.00 3. P25.00

19. A bureau director has an appointment at 9 A.M. in a nearby province. If he travels at 40 kph., he will arrive at 8 AM. If he drives at 30 kph., he will not arrive until 8:45 A.M. How far away is the province? 1. 30 km 4. 90 km 2. 37.5 km 5. 225 km 3. 50 km

20. Which of the following has the greatest discounts? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. a discount of 1/3 of the selling price pf P200 33.3% of the selling price of P200 0.3 discount of the selling price of P200 a discount of 200 none of the above

21. Nena has applied for employment in the next three different countries namely: Hongkong; Malaysia and Brunei. In Hongkong the monthly salary in HK $500; Malaysia Mal $300 and Brunei $200 consider the following: 1 HK $ = P2.90 1 Br $ = P 12.15 1 Mal $ = P 8.40 Which country has the best offer?

1. Hongkong 4. Hongkong – Brunei

2. Brunei 5. All

3. Malaysia

22. Which of the following commodities has the least increase U.S. $ per pound from 1987 – 1990. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. copper from 0.63 to 1.14 aluminum from 0.62 to 0.63 nickel from 1.72 to 3.55 zinc from 0.43 to 0.68 lead from 0.21 to 0.30

23. Which of the following is the biggest? 1. 41.2 meters 4. 41,200 mm. 2. 4,120 cm 5. all are equal 3. 0.0412 km.

24. A family budget provides that the monthly outlaws for food and house is P 1,810.00. If the amount spent for food is three times that of the rent, how much is the monthly rental? 1. P460.00 4. P452.50 2. P920.00 5. none of these 3. P1,560.00

25. After driving 3 ½ hours, a motorist covered 120 km. At this rate, how long will it take him to drive 360 km.? 1. 9 ½ 4. 12 ½ 2. 10 ½ 5. 13 ½ 3. 11 ½

26. Mrs. Renoso is planning to buy curtains for their new house. She will need 23 floor length pieces, each piece 2 meters and 50 cm. Long. How many meters should she buy. 1. 37 ½ 4. 67 ½ 2. 47 ½ 5. 57 ¼ 3. 57 ½

27. An employee spends about P1,330.00 a month. This sum is 70% of his monthly salary. How much does he receives a month? 1. P1,900.00 4. P2,290.00 2. P2,265.00 5. P2,000.00 3. P2,900.00

28. If a and b are any two positive real numbers, then; 1. –b a+b 4. a-b a+b 2. b-a a+b 5. none of these 3. a-b a+b

29. Which pair of numbers below has 120 as a product? 1. 7 & 16 2. 15 & 8 3. 18 & 5

4. 25 & 4

5. none of these

30. A certain number is doubled and then divided by 8. If after subtracting 4 from this result, one gets 16, the original number is: 1. 32 4. 80 2. 48 5. 70 3. 64

31. The numerator of a fraction is 4 less than its denominator, if 3 is added both the numerator and denominator, the resulting number is ¾. What is the original fraction? 1. 8/14 4. 10/13 2. 9/13 5. 8/13 3. 9/12

32. Each box of ballpen contains 24 pieces. If an employee in an office given 3 ballpens. How many boxes will be needed for 168 employees? 1. 17 4. 25 2. 21 5. 31 3. 22

33. An employee who receives P306.00 each payday saves P1.50 of every P9.00 of his earnings. If the employee is paid two times a month, how much he would save after four months? 1. P144.00 4. P408.00 2. P204.00 5. P308.00 3. P334.00

34. If a can holds ¾ of a liter of gasoline. How many liters will 1 ½ dozens at the same size hold? 1. 10.8 4. 13.5 2. 12.2 5. 14.5 3. 13.8

35. The ratio of males to females in an organization is M:F. How many males are there if there are T females? 1. (M x T) + F 4. FT / M 2. (F x T) + M 5. MT / F 3. T + (F-M)

36. Maria was born November 23, 1958. How old was she last April 23, 1980? 1. 20 yrs. & 9 months 2. 22 yrs. & 5 months 3. 21 yrs. & 5 months 4. 22 yrs. & 7 months 5. none of these

37. When any number is divided by 20, the largest remainder that can be attained is: 1. 5 2. 10 3. 19

4. 21

5. 15

38. There are 115,000 hectares of land for cotton production. What should be the average yield in tons per hectare to produce a total of 138,000 tons of cotton? 1. 8.0 4. 2.3 2. 1.2 5. 2.1 3. 1.23

39. An employee who receives P296.00 each payday, put P1.00 out of P8.00 into a special fund. How much does he put into that fund? 1. P26.00 4. P24.00 2. P29.00 5. P37.00 3. P20.00

40. The United Arab Emirates has reduced its daily oil production by80,000 barrels from 1.7 million barrels. Find its daily production in million barrels. 1. 0.9 4. 1.6 2. 1.5 5. 1.2 3. 1.62

41. The buying power of 1972’s P1 had dropped as of June this year to 35.57 centavos. The present buying power of peso is, how many centavos less than that of 1972? 1. 64.43 4. 75.57 2. 65.57 5. 74.43 3. 75.43

42. Divide 196 into 2 parts such that one part is ¾ of the other part. What are the two numbers formed? 1. 100:96 4. 124:72 2. 108:88 5. none of these 3. 112:84

43. The price of a pair of pants is P17.00 more than twice the price of the polo shirt. If the average price of these two items is P83.50, what is the price of the pants? 1. P100 2. P107 3. P114 4. P117 5. P120 44. One-third of a certain number added to 1/5 of the next consecutive number is 5. What is the sum of the two numbers? 1. 17 4. 21 2. 19 5. 23 3. 20

45. A man owns a piece of land worth P0.6 million. He is taxed on ¾ of its value at the rate of P7.00 per P1,000. How much is he paying for the tax of his property? 1. P3,150 4. P11,000 2. P5,350 5. P10,000 3. P9,000

46. If each side of a square is decreased by 5 centimeters, its area will decreased by 175 square centimeters. Find the side of the original square in centimeters?

1. 20 4. 22

2. 18 5. 25

3. 15

47. Twenty-seven school children were asked to form three groups such that the third group has 2 more members than the first group and the second group will have one member less than the third group. How many members will the first group have? 1. 7 4. 10 2. 8 5. 12 3. 9

48. Concrete posts are to be put along a 560 meters road. If there are 15 posts, what would be the distance in meters between two successive posts? 1. 37 4. 49 2. 36 5. none of these 3. 40

49. A fish vendor makes it a point to realize a profit of 12 ½% of his sales. For how much a kilo should he sell 20 kilos of fish costing P320.00? 1. P15.00 4. P17.50 2. P18.00 5. P19.00 3. P16.00

50. An employee drive a car at 30 kph from his residence reach his office at 8:00 a.m. If he drives at 7:50 a.m. how far is his office from his residence in km.? 1. 26 km. 4. 32 km. 2. 28 km. 5. 5 km. 3. 30 km.

51. Three stenographers will be selected from a pool of 6 equally qualified stenographers. How many different groups of three stenographers can be selected from the pool? 1. 10 4. 20 2. 15 5. 22 3. 18

52. A corporation has 3 vacancies for the positions of Senior Auditor. Out of five candidates, how many groups of three could be chosen to fill the vacancies? 1. 5 4. 15 2. 6 5. 36 3. 10

53 All of the following except one are units of measurement in the metric system. 1. decimeter 4. liter 2. meter 5. yard 3. hectare

54. A messenger traveling at 20 kph. was sent to pick a letter 10 km. away. If this messenger left at 8:30 a.m. rested for 10 minutes along the way, what time will he be back? 1. 9:40 a.m. 4. 9:00 a.m. 2. 9:10 a.m. 5. 10:00 a.m. 3. 8:30 a.m.

55. In an office the ratio of male employee to female employee is 1:3. If there are 12 male employees, how many employees are in that office? 1. 16 4. 42 2. 36 5. 48 3. 40

56. In a certain map ¼ of an inch represent 10 miles of the actual distance. If two barrios are 2 inches apart in the map, the actual distance between them is: 1. 10 miles 4. 80 miles 2. 20 miles 5. 80 kilometers 3. 60 miles

57. A mother divides 2/3 of a cake equally among her 4 children. If one cake costs P3.60, the share of each child costs: 1. P2.00 4. 0.80 2. 0.60 5. 0.90 3. P1.20

58. A man with 90 meters of fencing wishes to fence off an area in the space of a rectangle. What should be the dimension the enclosed space is to be as large as possible. 1. 23 x 22 2. 9 x 10 3. 27 x 18 4. 28 x 17 5. 30 x 15 59. The income tax withheld from the wages of a certain employee amounted to P8, 561 last year. If this is P350 more than ¾ of the amount withheld this year, how much was withheld from his wages this year? 1. P8, 911 4. P10, 948 2. P9, 248 5. P11, 415 3. P9, 611

60. If six boys shared equally ½ of a pineapple pie, what part of a whole pie did each boy get? 1. 1/36 4. 1/6 2. 1/12 5. ¼ 3. 1/8

61. At a party of 345 employees, sandwiches were served with softdrinks. It was found out that 120 chicken sandwiches and 240 cheese sandwiches were consumed. When the male employees were on their way home, 35 confessed that they ate 1 chicken sandwich and 1 cheese sandwich each. How many went home without eating any of the sandwiches? 1. 20 4. 55 2. 30 5. 65 3. 35

62. A man has two investments totaling P40,000. On one he receives 12% interest and on the other he receives 10% interest. The 12% investment yield an annual income of P524 less than the 10% investment. How much is the difference between the two investments? 1. P4, 112 4. P13, 476 2. P5, 200 5. P14, 250 3. P8, 400

63. A bin containing 80 sacks of flour is 15 full. How many sacks will be in the bin when it is ¾ full? 1. 240 4. 400 2. 300 5. 420 3. 320

64. In a social hall of a building, there are 150 seats arranged in rows, with 5 more seats per row than the number of rows. How many seats are there in each row? 1. 10 4. 18 2. 12 5. 20 3. 15

65. Which of the following is the biggest? 1. 71.2 meters 2. 7,120 centimeters 3. 0.0712 kilometers 4. 71,200 millimeters 5. all are equal

66. Which of the following has the greatest discount? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. a discount of 1/3 of the selling price of P200.00 33% discount of the selling price of P200.00 0.3 discount of the selling price of P200.00 a discount of P60.00 1/3% discount of the selling price of P200.00

67. The members of a barangay set our 432 pechay plants. The number of plants in each row was six more than the number of rows. How many plants were there in each row? 1. 12 4. 33 2. 24 5. none of these 3. 27

68. The larger of two numbers is seven times the smaller number. What is the larger number if their sum is 56? 1. 49 4. 28 2. 42 5. none of these 3. 35

69. In a school of 1,302 students, 798 are girls. What is the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls? 1. 19:31 4. 12:19 2. 17:31 5. none of these 3. 12:31

70. A paper tape 56.2 dm. Long is to be divided into 4 parts such that each part shall be 2 ½ dm. Shorter than the next succeeding part. Find the length of the longest part. 1. 10.3 dm. 4. 25.3 dm. 2. 13.4 dm. 5. 41.2 dm. 3. 17.8 dm.

71. An amount of P18,400 was requested for the purchase of office supplies. How much was released if 15% of the amount requested was not granted?

1. P10, 830 4. P14, 260

2. P12, 120 5. P15, 640

3. P13, 490

72. A supply officer distributes 80 business envelopes among 13 employees, giving half the number to the female employees and the other half to the male employees. Each female employee received 3 more than each male. How many male employees are there? 1. 8 4. 5 2. 7 5. 4 3. 6

73. Each boarder is charged P3,800 a month for board and lodging. If there are 12 boarders, how much will he owner of the boarding house earn in one half year? 1. P266,000 4. P277,400 2. P269,800 5. P285,000 3. P273,600

74. If ¼ of a land were divided into 3 equal lots, then each lot would be what part of the land? 1. 1/12 4. 1/4 2. 1/8 5. 1/3 3. 3/4

75. A chess player will play 7 rounds in a chess tournament. If he were to compete with 6 opponents in every round, how many opponents would he have played with after 7th round? 1. 32 4. 42 2. 35 5. 49 3. 40

76. A man makes a deposit of P800.00. If his deposit consists of 25 bills, some fifty-peso bills and the rest are twenty-peso bills, how many twenty-peso bills he have? 1. 8 4. 20 2. 15 5. none of these 3. 10

77. Suppose you were selling magazines and were paid 25% of your sales. What should your commission be for a day in which your sales amounted to P11.68? 1. P5.93 4. P2.92 2. P6.26 5. P4.25 3. P6.25

78. How would you divide P40.00 between two student in the ratio of 3 is to 5? 1. P23 & P17 4. P14 & P26 2. P15 & P25 5. none of these 3. P12 & P28

79. Ice placed in an ice box losses 15% of its weight before being used. How many tons of ice must be placed in an ice boxes so as to have 850 tons for use? 1. 865 4. 5,665 2. 977.5 5. none of these 3. 1,000

80. A telephone company charges a customer P33.50 for the first 100 calls a month, and 25 centavos per call in excess of 100 calls. If the total bill of a customer for a certain month is P55.25, find the total number of calls made by the customers. 1. 69 4. 220 2. 187 5. 287 3. 218

81. Mr. Cruz bought some merchandise worth P1,500. He sold 2/5 of it at 25% profit, ½ of the remaining merchandise at 15% profit and the rest at 10% profit. How much did he earn from the whole transaction? 1. P262.05 4. P362.05 2. P226.50 5. P326.50 3. P262.50

82. A sports center has 12 gates, five are on the west side, and seven are on the east side. In how many different ways can a person enter by a west gate and leave by an east gate? 1. 25 4. 55 2. 35 5. 65 3. 45

83. A boy is to meet his teacher in the principal’s room at 7:30 in the morning. If it takes the boy 30 min. to take a bath, 15 min. to eat his breakfast, 5 min. to brush teeth, 20 min. other morning activities, 25 min. to dress up and 10 min. walking to the school principal’s room. What will be the latest time that he can get up to meet his teacher on time? 1. 5:15 a.m. 4. 6:15 a.m. 2. 5:30a.m. 5. 4:45 a.m. 3. 5:45 a.m.

84. Five percent of a batch of items from a manufacturing company are defective. If there are 150 defective items in the whole batch, how many items in the whole batch are not defective? 1. 2,850 4. 3,000 2. 2,750 5. 2,580 3. 3, 3850

1. Overcrowding of and within houses is an unhealthful factor which favor 1 2 3 of many diseases. No error 4 5 the spread

2. Every person at one time or another is called upon to make a decision but making a 1 2 decision is one of the hardest job which one has to do. NO ERROR
3 4 5

3. We were touch by his generosity when he obviously could ill afford to be so 1 2 3 4 generous. NO ERROR 5 4. He felt very bad after he realized the harm he had done. NO ERROR. 1 2 3 4 5 5. When office workers take part in planning work details, their feeling of having 1 2 3 4 status rise. NO ERROR. 5 6. Please feel free to call upon our office if we can be of farther service to you. 1 2 3 4 NO ERROR. 5 7. Ang mga nakatatandang panauhin ay nagkakainan habang ang mga kabataan ay 1 2 masayang nagsayaw sa saliw ng makabagong tugtugin. WALANG MALI. 3 4 5 8. Pollution of the air, the water, and the land threatens to undo the advances of 1 2 3 4 science. NO ERROR 5 9. His dedication to advance the cause of environment could be attributed to the fact 1 2 that he came to a poor family. NO ERROR 3 4 5 10. In making decisions involving human relations, every good manner could consider 1 2 the opinions, as well as the feelings of all the employees under him. NO ERROR 3 4 5

11. One of the crucial issues taken on at the conference is the transfer of technology of 1 2 the industrialized nations to the developing countries. NO ERROR 3 4 5 12. Nakikigalak kami sa mga tagumpay nila Fernan at Victor. WALANG MALI. 1 2 3 4 5 13. Nang umulan ng malakas ay nasa bahay na ako. WALANG MALI 1 2 3 4 5 14. Twenty kilometers are a reasonable distance to cover, considering the rugged 1 2 3 4 road. NO ERROR 5 15. College teaches us to form opinions by the result of careful thought. 1 2 3 4 NO ERROR. 5 16. A plan to build more medical centers in major part of the country had been 1 2 3 revealed yesterday. NO ERROR 4 5 17. He will be playing much better today if he had not sprained his ankle during the 1 2 semi-final match two days ago. NO ERROR 3 4 5 18. The telephone rang continuously for two minutes, fell silent and then sounded of 1 2 3 five short rings. NO ERROR 4 5 19. After the game the coach compliments those players who show bravery during the 1 2 3 4 crucial game. NO ERROR 5 20. There is no doubt whether the decision of the Council was influenced by politics. 1 2 3 4 NO ERROR 5 21. A drug pusher is not only a problem to his family but also a menace to society. 1 2 3 4 NO ERROR

5 22. An oligarchy in a form of government where supreme power is restricted to few 1 2 3 persons. NO ERROR 4 5 23. Several senators and congressmen were absent in the committee meetings most of 1 2 3 4 the time. NO ERROR. 5 24. Ang pangunahing dahilan kung bakit ang mga kabataan ay nagsusumikap sa pag1 2 3 aaral ay upang kumikita-kita WALA MALI. 4 5 25. Magkakaroon ng kapayapaan ang buong daigdig kung ang lahat ng tao ay 1 2 3 magkakaisa at magkakaunawaan. WALANG MALI 4 5 26. Makatabi ang mga bata at matatanda sa panonood ng palaro. WALANG MALI 1 2 3 4 5 27. Magsisikanta raw ang mga anak mong sina susan, John at Rona sa tanghalan. 1 2 3 4 WALANG MALI 5 28. Maraming tao ang nagtatagumpay sa buhay dahil sa kanyang karunungan. 1 2 3 4 WALANG MALI 5 29. You hope to finish high school this year, aren’t you? NO ERROR 1 2 3 4 5 30. A group of young people have been working for the development 1 2 3 barangay. NO ERROR 4 5 of local

1. 1. I had already formed the habits of getting up early and arriving in the office on time.

2. 3. 4. 5. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3.

Getting up early and to arrive in the office on time are habits that I have already formed. Getting up early and arriving in the office on time are habits that I have already formed. To get up early and to arrive in the office on time are habits that I have already formed. To get up early and arriving in the office on time are habits already formed by me. The trip to Tagaytay was educational and everybody enjoyed it very much. Being educational, everybody enjoyed the trip to Tagaytay very much. Everybody found the trip to Tagaytay educational and it was enjoyed very much. This kind of a trip to Tagaytay was educational and everybody enjoyed it very much. A most enjoyable time was had by everybody in their trip to Tagaytay which was educational.

1. The board has received the president’s report, who went over the situation in great detail. 2. Having gone over the situation in great detail, the president submitted a complete report to the board. 3. The president had hardly completed his study of the situation than he made a full report to the board. 4. The complete report, which the president gave it to the board, was the result of a thorough study of the situation. 5. After the president had studied the situation as thorough as possible, he made a complete report to the board. 4. 1. Basing on the figures available, the committee felt that the decision to close shop was feasible. 2. Basing on the figures available, the decision to close shop seems feasible. 3. Based on the figures available, the committee felt that the decision to close shop was feasible. 4. Based on the figures available, the decision to close shop seems feasible. 5. Based on the figures available, closing the shop was thought to be feasible. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. Magiging makahulugan sa mga bata ang mga pang araw-araw na balita kung makikita nila ang pinangyarihan nito. 2. Ang pinangyarihan ng mga balita na pang-araw-araw sa mga bata kung makikita nila ay magiging makahulugan. 3. Sa mga bata ay makahulugan ang mga pang-araw-araw na balita kung makikita nila ang pinangyarihan nito. The ebb and flow of organizational life is such that nothing remains static. The ebb and flow of organization of life are such that nothing remains static. The ebb and low of life in an organization are such that nothing remained static. Nothing remains static in the ebb and flow of life in an organization Speaking of the ebb and flow of organizational life, it is such that nothing remains static.

4. Ang mga balitang pang-araw-araaw sa mga bata ay magiging makahulugan kung ang pinangyarihan nito ay makikita nila. 5. Ang mga balitang pang-araw-araw sa mga bata at ang pinangyarihan nito ay magiging makahulugan kunga makikita nila. 7. 1. Walang pasubali na ang isang taong may kakayahan sa maayos na pangangatwiran ay uunlad sa kanyang propesyon. 2. Walang pasubali ay uunlad sa kanyang propesyon na ang isang taong may kakayahan sa maayos na pangangatwiran. 3. Ang isang taong may kakayahan sa maayos na pangangatwiran ay uunlad sa kanyang propesyon, walang pasubali. 4. Uunlad sa kanyang propesyon ay walang pasubali ang isang taong may kakayahan sa maayos na pangangatwiran. 5. May kakayahan sa maayos na pangangatwiran, walang pasubali na ang isang tao ay uunlad sa kanyang propesyon. 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 9. 1. We must learn more about military tactics and in so doing we can cope with any situation. 2. We must learn more about military tactics to cope with any situation. 3. So as to cope with any situation, more about military tactics should be learned by us. 4. More about military tactics must be learned, so as to cope with any situation. 5. To be ready to cope with any situation, so we must learn more about military tactics. 10. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 11. 1. It is now generally acknowledge that the Filipina is an lovely compared to any oriental lady. 2. It is now generally acknowledge that the Filipina is as lovely like any other Oriental Lady. 3. It is now generally acknowledged that the Filipina is as loely as any other oriental Lady. 4. It is generally acknowledged that the Filipina is as lovely as any oriental Lady. 5. It is now generally acknowledged that the Filipina is lovely as any oriental lady. 12. 1. I asked Rosy what is the name of her friend? 2. I asked Rosy what the name of her friend is? I thought that she is reporting for work today. I thought that she was reporting for work today. I thought that she reported for work today. I thought that she reports for work today. I thought that she had reported for work today. Masaya, sapagkat lahat ay payak at walang pagkukunwari ang buhay bata. Masaya ang buhay bata sapagkat lahat ay payak at walang pagkukunwari. Ang buhay bata ay masaya sapagkat payak at walang pagkukunwari ang lahat. Ang buhay bata sapagkat payak at walang pagkukunwari lahat ay masaya. Sapagkat walang pagkukunwari at payak lahat, ang buhay bata ay masaya.

3. I asked Rosy what her friend’s name was 4. I asked Rosy what is her friend’s name. 5. I asked Rosy what was the name of her friend. 13. 1. If then young are to be taught, we adults must not only teach them by precept but also by example. 2. If the young are to be taught, they must be taught by us adults not only by precept but also by example. 3. If the young are to be taught, we adults must teach them not only by precept but also by example. 4. If we are to teach the young, they must not only be taught by precept but by example. 5. If the young are to be taught, we adults must teach not only by precept but by example. 14. 1. The plumber who works efficiently from the point of view of the housewife is worthy of his wages. 2. From the point of view of the housewife, the plumber who works efficiently is worthy of his wages. 3. The plumber is worthy of his wages who works efficiently from the point of view of the housewife. 4. The plumber, from the point of view of the housewife, who works efficiently, is worthy of his wages. 5. Worthy of his wages is the plumber who works efficiently from the point of view of the housewife.

1. The method of scientific __________ is simply the manner at which all phenomena are explained about, rendered precise and made exact. 1. theory 2. investigation 3. development 4. accomplishment 5. knowledge

2. What the Philippines needs are more doctors to deliver medical care and services to __________ population. 1. the far-flung 4. an impoverished 2. burgeoning 5. an urbanizing 3. a ruralizing

3. “After watching the film, she seemed to be really __________ that ghosts do exist.” 1. accepted 4. entertained 2. advised 5. guaranteed 3. convinced

4. Despite the President’s appeals, many senators remained __________ in their rejection of the treaty.

1. adamant 4. intransigent

2. perverse 5. calm

3. vacillating

5. when the defense lawyer asked for a postponement, the prosecuting attorney protested the __________ strategy of the defense and insisted that the trial proceed. 1. slow 4. roundabout 2. stubborn 5. deliberate 3. leisurely

6. The manager said that she would gladly help pay for it but she good-naturedly __________ the offer. 1. imposed 4. retained 2. ignored 5. declined 3. denied

7. “Local exporters must use the present economic crises as a unique opportunity to ________ the Filipino’s innate ingenuity in developing novel products from indigenous materials and resources.” 1. harness 4. exploit 2. formulate 5. entice 3. support

8. “ Ang mga kabataan ay __________ sa paggamit ng bawal na gamut dahil sa pagnanais na makaiwas sa kanilang mga suliranin.” 1. naliligtas 4. nangingilag 2. naliligalig 5. namamalas 3. nalululong

9. For groups whose economic activities are organized around hunting or herding, any living settlement is only temporary, and frequent moves are made, often on foot. Consequently, the material possessions of such people are __________. 1. crude 4. limited 2. durable 5. extensive 3. communal

10. “The government is established for the __________, furtherance and guarantee of certain inalienable human rights.” 1. suspension 4. proclamation 2. prohibition 5. transfer 3. preservation

11. While most typhoons cause little or no loss of human life, occasionally the losses are __________. 1. appalling 4. disadvantageous 2. fortunate 5. insignificant 3. incomplete

12. A one-second cathode ray treatment of hamburgers will preserve them for a sixty days in a refrigerator. Sailors going on voyages of several weeks can have safe food even though the ship does not have a __________. 1. radiation system 2. laboratory 3. physician

4. air circulation

5. deep freeze

13. If we closely analyze the world distribution of __________, we would notice that there are very many people who are extremely poor, and many people extremely rich, and comparatively very few in the middle. 1. production 4. population 2. progress 5. investment 3. income

14. While recognizing the value of the new invention, the critic though its possibilities are distinctly __________. 1. boundless 4. valuable 2. known 5. restricted 3. ridiculous

15. Many large corporations maintain nurses and hospitals for their employees and in various other ways encourage better __________. 1. pay 4. facilities 2. health 5. housing 3. training

16. “When government started an organized program on overseas job placement, the __________ foreseen was the country’s loss of manpower skills to labor importing countries.” 1. disadvantages 4. dissatisfaction 2. embarrassment 5. apprehension 3. dishonor

17. From a distance the view of any industrial city is obscured by a heavy pall of smoke exuded from factory chimneys. Residents of these cities object to the physical discomfort of a smoke-filled atmosphere and to the extra expense necessary to replace soot-damaged goods and to meet abnormally high ___________ . 1. telephone bills 4. food bills 2. light bills 5. gas bills 3. water bills

18. Pumice is a rock formed by the cooling and hardening of lava which contains dissolved gases. Pumice is so light that it will float on water. This is because it contains so many air chambers; it is very __________. 1. rare 4. porous 2. durable 5. brilliant 3. colorful…...

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...Sample sample6.1       Recognize how requirements and desk review design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly. Sample sample6.1       Recognize how requirements and desk review design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly. Sample sample6.1       Recognize how requirements and desk review design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly. Sample sample6.1       Recognize how requirements and desk review design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly.eview design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly. Sample sample6.1       Recognize how requirements and desk review design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly. Sample sample6.1       Recognize how requirements and desk review design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly. Sample sample6.1       Recognize how requirements and desk review design are used to verify algorithms.6.2       Create test data to validate that algorithms handle user input data correctly. Sample ......

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