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DIRECTION: Read the statement carefully. Encircle the correct answer.

1. It is a type of wire splice and joints in which it is used as a temporary tap, usually done in construction sites. a. Rat tail or Pig Tail b. Knotted Tap c. Plain tap joint d. Aerial Tap

2. When connecting a two skinned wires this tools can be use EXCEPT: a. Long nose plier b. Flat nose plier c. Wire stripper plier d. Linesman plier

3. This joint is used on a large solid conductors where it is difficult to wrap the heavy wire around the main wire. a. Wrapped Tap or Tee joint b. Cross joint c. Duplex cross joint d. Plain tap joint

4. This is the proper sequence in making a rat tail or pig tail splice accordingly. I. Tightened the twisted end using a plier. II. Twist the wires about 5-6 turns. III. Unskinned one end of the wire. IV. Place the two wires in cross position.

a. I,II,III, and IV b. III,IV,II, and I c. II,I,III, and IV d. III,IV,II, and I

5. This is the most commonly used size of wire in splices and joints. a. Size 14 solid wire b. Size 16 solid wire c. Size 18 solid wire d. Size 20 solid wire

6. It is the connection of the end of one wire to some point along the run of another wire. a. Joint b. Tap c. Splice d. Both a and c

7. This is the general procedure in wire splicing and joining EXCEPT: a. Skinning of two wires. b. Holding the wires using plier. c. Burning the end of the twisted wire. d. Cutting the excess wire.

8. Western Union Short-tie splice is used ___________________. a. In extensive area for outside wiring to extend the length of wire from one end to another. b. In interior wiring istalation to extend the leth of wire from one point to another. c. In the tap wire in which it is under considerable tensile stress circuit. d. In small cables because of its flexible strands.

9. The interlaying of the two stranded conductors is called ________________. a. Joint b. Tap c. Splice d. Wire

10. This is the size of wire used in wrapped tap or tee joint. a. Size 6 solid wire b. Size 14 solid wire c. Size 18 solid wire d. Size 20 solid wire…...

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