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Salutations and Signoffs

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The speech I read and listened to was Mary Fisher speech on AIDS. I felt like she really didn’t show any bias in her speech or toward a particular group. I felt like she was speaking to everyone in general. Her speech was not only to tell the world about AIDS, but also to tell the world about her personal feelings and what she’s going through. What her speech was about was something she was feeling and been going through herself. I actually heard some fallacies in her speech. She use fear to attempt to scare the reader’s by telling about what and how it ruined not only her life but her loved one’s life. Some rhetorical devices she used were stating how it is affecting everyone in America and by stating this is not a threat but a present danger. She also used rhetorical devices by giving examples of her topic. She gave examples of how her family was involved in this issue and how if the virus kills her that her kids would be orphans. She addressed her arguments with examples. She explained how individuals thought they had to belong in a specific group to contract the disease. She gave reasons why that belief was not true. She has given good examples in her speech. The speaker argument was very effective to me because I could hear and feel exactly what she was saying trying to get the audience to understand. She made her point as clear as day. Listening to her actually touched me and gave me reasons to believe different when it comes down to individuals with disease. Hearing what she and her family were going through really touched me. You hear all the time a person has AIDs but never stop to see how it affects their loved ones. Her speech was really touching and a great speech to learn from and take it into consideration.…...

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