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Date: 18 / 02/ 2014

Title: The Green Marketing at Work: The Push-Pull Effects of the Green Communication Strategies

Author: Victor Danciu

Page numbers: 3 - 21

Summary of your finding:

This article examines the negative effects on the quality of life for businesses and consumers due to the continuous deterioration of the environment. The article outlines the effects of implementing a new “green marketing paradigm”. With an emphasis on analysing the effects of push-pull strategies of their green products to achieve a green company.

The success of push-pull effects play a crucial role in the well-being of the consumers, the business, sustainable development and profit maximisation.

How is the content linked with class content?

The article illustrates that through product modification/augmentation and new product developments incorporating green marketing paradigm, the organisation is able to better attract and retain a broader range of consumers. To promote a socially reinforced company image because they are seen as good for the environment.

Implementing a new green marketing paradigm isn’t only to adjust or improve on existing marketing strategies, but to challenge these strategies to provide different perspectives. This will allow an organisation to develop strategies essential for a competitive advantage.

How is your reading linked to other readings?

This is first reading; no comparisons applicable.

Questions raised:

If the new green marketing paradigm is incorporated into the concept of sustainable development, what are the effects of push and pull?

Evaluative comments:

The article states that in…...

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