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Ministry /Division/ Service/Group
[pic][pic] [pic]




1. Name (in block letters) [pic] 2. Personnel number [pic] 3. Date of birth [pic] 4. Date of entry in service [pic] 5. Post held during the period (with BPS) [pic] 6. Academic qualifications [pic] 7. Knowledge of languages (Please indicate proficiency in speaking (S), reading (R) and writing (W) [pic] [pic]

|8. Training received during the evaluation period | |
| [pic] | |

|Name of course attended |Duration with dates |Name of institution and country |
|[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |
| | | |
|9. Period served | | |
|[pic] | | |
| (i) In present post (ii) Under the reporting officer…...

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